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The Obsession with Knowing the Name of God

No One Knows The Name No matter who says what, the actual Hebrew name of God in the Hebrew scriptures, replaced by the all caps LORD in the english Bibles, is not known. It was deliberately not used (or perhaps removed) by the scribes in copying the texts. That is a linguistic and historical fact. All attempts to figure out ...
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Why the Q in QANON

So, Why the “Q” in the Q-ANON?

Possible sources of the "Q" in Q-Anon The first thing I noticed was the auspicious presence of "Q" in the pseudonym of Q-Anon. I had two immediate possibilities from my own knowledge base. It has been awhile and while reading much about QANON; and perhaps it is Captain Obvious, but, I have not seen anyone address this, so, I shall ...
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Bitcoin: What’s Its Real “Value?”

IMO what ultimately gives #Bitcoin it's "value" is not the use of it (to buy stuff) but it's used as a storage system separate from any currency instrument, yet universally accessible and transferable. Ultimately, it will rise to be used as backing/collateral for creating liquidity without it's actually becoming liquid. Since there are a limited number of Bitcoins, the price ...
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Ways to Help and Support James and F2F

I pay all aspects of these audio/visual productions out-of-pocket as I am answering a calling of sorts: to myself to Find Reality, and share what I found with others to use as they see fit. Material gifts of help are not required but are greatly appreciated. Non-Material support of prayers and help sharing the existence of this work across the ...
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I’ve Been Ill… (No Broadcast Tonight July 23rd)

I have been pretty ill. Better now. I believe it was poisoning of a sorts with consuming erythritol and xylitol. Of course, as I was getting worse, I had no clue it was those alcohol sugars... so.. I drank more! The symptoms listed are general diarrhea and irritated bowls; the former I never has, and the latter just started yesterday ...
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We Hold These Truths to be Unalienable

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." This is perhaps the greatest phrase written by humans. It has worked over the years to be come more applicable to more humans. When this ...
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CNN Journalist Who Ate Human Brains Calls @POTUS a “Piece of Sh*t!”

So we have a CNN personality imitating ISIS serious-faced posing with the graphically intense, beheaded President. Now we have a CNN reporter tweeting out the lawfully elected President of the United States as a "peace of shit," and there are people left who say CNN is NOT a hostile, propagandist organ of the Extremist Left? An individual, be it ignorant ...
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Divine Clues

Divine Clues – The Whispers of God

Divine Clues The Whispers of God By James Arthur Jancik I saw a YouTube presentation that struck me as Dive Clues, yet, not in a way intended by the presenter. So I wish to share my opinions here. They are metaphysical in nature. I will state things in a matter of fact format, but, of course, it is up to you ...
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Nice Redaction-Blending of Ancient History Narratives (Enki)

(I originally posted this comment and link on Facebook, Dec 2016 and wanted to move it here for preservation.) http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/enki-his-story-dan-winter Good job. I like the blending (redacting) of the stories into a general narration. This has been done through all time in many ancient myths. My observation is all of these redacted narration's are looked at by their contemporaries as ...
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