A Simple and Obvious Take on the China Problem

A Simple And Obvious Take On The #ChinaProblem

Chinese WorkerChina oppresses its populous to work for near slave labor wages which allows them to undercut other countries who allow free markets, collective bargaining, etc to determine wages, and the wholesale and retail prices reflect this.
Some time ago US companies found they could simultaneously lower their prices and raise their profit margins by outsourcing to China, which over time cause layoffs and ending of US employment in various industries now service by Chinese companies.
This, of course, is unsustainable to the US economy as unemployment rises or moves to lower-wage employment, thus limiting available savings, spending and investment capital.
President Trump is a successful businessman and one who has seen both sides of this situation (gaining savings in using Chinese material and seeing the US unemployment rise) made a moral, Pro-US worker decision to change this by adding tariffs to China to address their artificial wages, tariffs on US goods and currency manipulation.
China’s success economy is strongly based on the disparity of cost/pricing and, of course, will resist this change as it will hit hard their economy and is fighting back.
It will affect various sectors of the US economy; particularly the sectors who took advantage of the artificial labor practices and now have become dependent on it.
The US populous is an accomplice as they allowed fellow works to be laid off to get a cheaper price. In their defense, in many cases, this was done in their own attempts to remain solvent in the tanking economy; which created a downward, self-perpetuated spiral.
There is plenty of blame to go around. Greed and desperation were fed by China’s oppression of their populous and artificial wages; similar to drug dealers “hooking” their customers on their emotional shortcomings.
The solution will be painful; like methadone treatments or cold turkey. But death awaits both the junky and the US economy if not “cleaned up.” And God help the Chinese worker who will be decimated by the fall of manufacturing and thus jobs/wages in China.
Wall Street (and those stockholders who hire others to do the dirty work) soullessly care only for money returns; otherwise, they would be not investing in the companies boosting their bottom line with China’s artificial, oppressive business solution.
Changing his own past business practices and no doubt to his own personal financial detriment, President Trump is dealing with this with his unpolished but very effective style and business savvy for the good of America.

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