F2F Radio: Interdimensional Manipulation

Angels, Demon, Extra-Terrestrials, bloodshed, fighting, etc.; I will describe the physical/vibrational/spiritual conclusions explaining the interaction and relationship which has plagued us for millennia and, the coming end of the manipulations. BitChute LINK  –  Podcast LINK You can always have access Continue reading F2F Radio: Interdimensional Manipulation

F2F Radio: Glancing At The Rearview Mirror

BitChute LINK   –  Podcast (audio-only) LINK Every so often it is good to glance at the rearview mirror to see how far you’ve come and how straight your course is. https://innersites.com/feet2fire/aaaa www.Feet2Fire.com (2003-2016) www.FeetToTheFireRadio.com (2017-2024) Opening bumper song: “Miracle” https://kevinleeandthekings.com You can Continue reading F2F Radio: Glancing At The Rearview Mirror