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I will post information and news relating specifically with Feet to the Fire website, radio and video projects and broadcasts.

F2F Radio Cancelled for Feb 11th, 2018

There will not be a live cast for Sunday Feb 11th, 2017 F2FNEWS ...
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video audio archives

F2F Radio Video & Audio Archives

Here are the ways to access the various archives of the live Feet to the Fire Radio. I have set up various way you can watch and/or listen to the archived copies of the live Feet to the Fire production.Since ...
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No Broadcast Tonight (Jan 14th 2018)

Gonna pass on the LIVE Feet to the Fire Radio tonight. Have to get up early, but was gonna do it anyway. Then I started feeling lousy, yet again... 🙁 F2FNEWS ...
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Planned show for Christmas Eve Fell Through.

I was planning a pre-recorded F2F Radio show recorded Saturday to air tonight with James McCanney, but, I got ill on Friday had to push it back a week. (3rd time sick since I've been out of the hospital; the ...
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Had a Ride to Jolly Saint Joe

I became ill Sunday and was taken to the ER I was not in condition to even post I was not doing a show for which I apologize. I am recovering and will resume live, HD YouTube casts  shortly. I ...
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Adding SPREAKER to LIVE, Podcasts and Chat Options

I have added the SPREAKER system of audio (live and podcasts) to F2F.  Our LISTEN TO LATEST AUDIO button will take you to a page which has their widget which auto-plays when LIVE or allows the selection and playing of ...
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Ways to Help and Support James and F2F

I pay all aspects of these audio/visual productions out-of-pocket as I am answering a calling of sorts: to myself to Find Reality, and share what I found with others to use as they see fit. Material gifts of help are ...
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NO Feet to the Fire Radio for July 9th 2017

There will not be a live (or otherwise) Feet to the Fire Radio show for July 9th 2017. We will be back next week. Feet to th Fire Radio Videos is now availble with a host of other New Media ...
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NO Feet to the Fire Radio for May 7th 2017

I have to leave earlier the usual tomorrow morning, so I will be sleeping (or near to it) when F2F would be live. In the future, I think I will produce pre-recorded segment(s) on these days and trigger them to "go ...
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New for 2017 Feet to the Fire Radio Merchandise

2017 Feet to the Fire Merchandise Is Here! They are here! The new 2017 Feet to the Fire Coffee (or Tea) mugs! 15 oz &20 oz available in two color patterns. With a new lower price of $11.99. Drink and ...
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New Website for Feet to the Fire Radio (and Video)!

Watch Below Video. https://youtu.be/SjgzY68Ml8Q The “Old’ website will remain active and keep all existing pages and files in tact to honor the previous hard-linked items on the web. The new site will contain the works done once it is fully ...
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