F2F Radio Video & Audio Archives

Here are the ways to access the various archives
of the live Feet to the Fire Radio.

video audio archives

I have set up various way you can watch and/or listen to the archived copies of the live Feet to the Fire production.Since Jan 2017, the “Radio” show has evolved into a live HD video webcast. But, we still maintain an Audio-Only version to allow easy listening while driving or simply a wish or limitation to listen only. There are also RSS Feeds to allow one to subscribe and be automatically downloaded when you access your reader/player.

For full video, one can watch from this website posting or visit the my YouTube Channel. If on subscribes to this channel and choose notifications, you will be notified when new files and future live casts are added.

The current Audio Archives Podcasts RSS Feed from the Spreaker system (which is iTunes friendly) is: http://www.spreaker.com/show/2681697/episodes/feed  You can cut ‘n’ Paste this link into your reader/player or listen directly online. You can also add Feet to the Fire Radio to your Spreaker APP. This app can be used on your phone or tablet to listen live and use the F2F/Spreaker chat room

The full audio catalog from 2003-thru 2017 is available on our Legacy Website free of charge.