F2F Radio: Resonance

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Resonance: “The definition of resonance in physics is when the frequency of an external oscillation or vibration matches an object’s (or cavity’s) natural frequency and as a result, either causes it to vibrate or increases its amplitude of oscillation.” -(Sciencing.com)

What is the purpose of life on Earth? It is a step in our future expansion of consciousness. As we tune in and begin to resonate with the higher consciousness, this resonance further prepares us for the transference of this consciousness to these higher levels.

Unfortunately, Christianity has lost this philosophy to the New Age and other lower-vibration “religions” favoring legalistic dogma. It is a shame as “Resonance” has the heart of Jesus’ teaching. The Golden Rule, and the Beatitudes, etc., are changing a “fleshing” alignment to a “spititual” one. Salvation is the act of His interjecting and interacting with one to make it possible and ultimately guide you not only away from Hell (lower resonance) The Kingdom of Heaven (the highest resonance step).