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This page contains the Video and Audio productions and broadcasts of James Arthur Jancik of Feet to the Fire Radio/Video

Bombing Syria Russia USA

F2F Radio w/Guest Jim Jatras on Syria Bombing

Talk on the Bombing of Syria and the Effects on USA/Russia relations. I asked Jim Jatras to give his informed, expert opinion on post bombing Syria and US-Russia relations. What are the real motivations by the US leaders in Syria and what might be awaiting us in the future. James ...
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Deutshe Bank Failure

F2F Radio w/Lional Parkinson: Deutsche Bank Fail!

Deutsche Bank: Out of Borrowed Money - Out of Borrowed Time Lional Parkinson Warns of an Imminent Bank Crash, Emulating Lehman Brothers https://youtu.be/3plKdDbTwMg Audio-Only Podcast HERE Lional Parkinson returned earlier today with breaking news on Deutsche Bank which will, in his words, be the match to blow up this banking/market ...
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omnibus work around

F2F Radio 03/25/18 – Omnibus Work Around?

Feet to the Fire Radio for March 25th 2018 Does President Trump have an Omnibus Work Around? Audio Only Podcast HERE Start out with various news items and comments. How many times have you read, wrote or said OMNIBUS this week? Disappointed? Well it might look like President Trump has ...
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Christian Whistle-blower Jeffery Daugherty

F2F Radio LIVE for Mar 11th 2018 -w- Jeff Daugherty

Feet to the Fire Radio LIVE for March 11th 2018 W-Guest, The Christian Whistle-blower, Jeffery Daugherty Audio-Only Podcast HERE NOTE: Had bandwidth issues last week and cancelled the show. I have decided, in future problems should they occur, I will broadcast live on Spreaker and record the HD YouTube and ...
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F2F Radio Interview with James McCanney -Wind Generation

James McCanney's WING Generator: Huge improvement in Wind Power Audio-Only Podcast HERE and BitChute HD Video HERE We will talk with James McCanney, M.S. about his new WING Generator that is revolutionizing wind power electric generation and its ramifications for expanding the role of electricity in autos and trucks, fresh ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Feb 25th 2018 – Full Metal Garb

Did She Say "Full Metal Garb?" Feet to the Fire Radio LIVE for Feb 25th 2918 Listen LIVE Audio HERE Did she say, "Full Metal Garb?" The descriptions will get less direct and verbose, in the light of curtailing availability based on undesirable topics by social media formats. But will ...
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F2F Radio LIVE Interview with Zeph Daniel

F2F Radio LIVE Interview with Zeph Daniel Live interview with Zeph Daniel (Feb 25th 2018) Zeph was born into an elite family, and at an early age, became a failed victim of satanic ritual abuse and mind control. However, the programming failed because of the spirit within Zeph. Later he ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Feb 18th, 2018 -Shootings

Feet to the Fire LIVE for Feb 18th, 2018 - Shootings Listen to Audio Only HERE With the whirlwind news cycle and firecracker fuse fast speed of information exchange, much has been said about the Florida Mass Murder. I will add my 2 cents. I will also dig around in ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Jan 28th 2017 -IBS

Was gonna cancel the broadcast, but gonna do it anyway. Had yet another gut attack; which I am now saying is IBS. Been laid up all weekend. I will discuss events from the past week and more. Signed – Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, ...
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F2F Radio LIVE – Quantum Reality Deception Diversion

The Use of Deception and Diversion in the Quantum Mechanics Creative Process Audio Only Podcast: HERE I will address several news items, then, the battle for our quantum creative energy. There is a truth and a flaw in how we apply Quantum Mechanics to creating our future (I.E. The Secret, ...
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F2F Radio LIVE For Jan 7th 2018 – QANON

Feet to the Fire Radio for Jan 7th, 2018 LIVE - QANON Audio Only Listen LINK Tonight starts year # 16 for F2F Radio. Jan 5th marks 15 years of doing like broadcasts, Sunday nights! Here is a link to my oldest surviving show from Feb 24th 2003: http://innersites.com/feet2fire/archives2003/2003f2f/f2f.030224.mp3 I ...
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