Feet to the Fire Video/Audio Productions

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This page contains the Video and Audio productions and broadcasts of James Arthur Jancik of Feet to the Fire Radio/Video

F2F Radio: John Kay (Steppenwolf) Tyranny 60’s-Today

F2F Radio Interview with John Kay (of Steppenwolf) Comparing and Contrasting Tyranny Seen in the '60s-'70s and the Present Day. (This was recorded in 2007 but eerily applies even more today. This was special to me as Steppenwolf has been my favorite band since '68, and John's lyrical commentary on ...
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F2F Radio: Resonance

Podcast LINK Resonance: "The definition of resonance in physics is when the frequency of an external oscillation or vibration matches an object's (or cavity's) natural frequency and as a result, either causes it to vibrate or increases its amplitude of oscillation." -(Sciencing.com) What is the purpose of life on Earth? ...
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F2F Radio: Looking Forward with Momentum

Audio Only Podcast - Rumble - BitChute A live recorded video. Inertia and momentum may be properties of moving mass in space-time, but they apply to current events. History provides direction, and the challenges, or the lack thereof, provide resistance or propulsion to affect speed and direction. I will point ...
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F2F Radio: The Material vs. The Spiritual

The Material vs. The Spiritual Podcast Link  - BitChute Videoized Link - Rumble Videoized Link The last talk was on"The Entropy of Materialism" and how focusing on the Material World escalates its breakdown. By contrast, focusing on the Spiritual stays this breakdown and extends life and brings it into the ...
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F2F Radio: The Entropy of Materialism

The Entropy of Materialism Podcast Link  -  BitChute Link Satanism is, in actuality, the worship of matter as "supremely manifested" in Self. Thus spake Aleister Crowley, "Do As Thou Wilt." Materialism has a unique pull for attention as we are material beings surrounded by a material world needed to manipulate ...
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F2F Radio 2003-2023 20 Year Anniversary

Feet to the Fire RADIO: 20 years LIVE! Jan 5th, 2003, marked the advent of Feet To The Fire LIVE! So, Jan 5th, 2023, makes year number 20 of webcasting LIVE audio and or video (with w couple of years of broadcast radio via syndicated on satellite). I wanted to ...
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James McCanney F2F Radio Interviews 2004-2011

When I first started Feet To The Fire Radio in 2003, I sought out people I heard interviewed on Art Bell Coast to Coast so I could ask them the questions I wished to. I was thrilled to interview one of my favorite guests from C2C, James McCanney, M.S., and ...
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F2F Radio: Revelation and Informed Choice

Link to the Spreaker Podcast  -  Link to the Bitchute Videoized Audio We are amid The Apocalypse... The Revealing of Things Covered... The Showing of Secrets... What Was Once Done In Private Is Now Done in Public. It is a time of seeing, understanding and choosing. We are witnessing WHY ...
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F2F Radio: Eyes or Ears? Which to Believe?

Link to Speaker Podcast - Link to Bitchute Videoized Audio The two ideologic sides, let us name them the Steady State and the MAGA Crowd, seem to be living in two different planes of existence, and they are so incompatible it is as if a vacuum separated them. One cannot ...
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F2F Radio: Using Inversion to Find Truth

Using Inversion to Find Truth I often use inversion to find Truth. Invert Good to understand Bad better, and invert Bad to understand better good. Invert Satan to Find God, and invert God to know Satan. NOTE: The last presentation was deleted from YouTube and I cannot upload or post ...
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F2F Radio: Approaching The Event Horizon

As you can see, YouTube has deleted this presentation for what they label, "Medical Misinformation." But of course, personal choice and opinion are not allowed in many Social Media formats. Luckily, it is still available thru Spreaker and Bitchute links belw. Audio-Podcast LINK BitChute LINK I can feel it; increasing ...
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Memorial Day

F2F Radio: Memorial Day Ponderings

Memorial Day Ponderings Spreaker Podcast Audio Only HERE Bitchute Version HERE As I ponder the fallen soldiers this Memorial Day, I have some heavy feelings I would like to share. While acknowledging the fallen #soldiers on #MemorialDay, I also, as an American, feel sadness and an obligation to also acknowledge and apologize to ...
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