What Does AI Think Of F2F Radio?

You want to know what the various AI Chats thought about F2F Ratio. Here are the results of the generic “Feet to the Fire Radio with James Arthur Jancik”

GAB AI: “Feet to the Fire Radio with James Arthur Jancik is a radio talk show hosted by James Arthur Jancik, who is known for his unconventional and unfiltered approach to discussing various topics, including politics, culture, and current events. The show has gained a significant following for its honest and sometimes provocative perspectives. Tune in to listen to James’ unique insights and engaging discussions.”

ChatGPT: Feet to the Fire Radio with James Arthur Jancik is a radio show hosted by James Arthur Jancik, focusing on topics related to alternative research, consciousness, health, and other eclectic subjects. It typically features interviews with experts, authors, and researchers who delve into unconventional and thought-provoking areas of interest. The show often encourages critical thinking and explores ideas that may challenge mainstream perspectives.”

Google’s GEMINI: “I do not have enough information about that person to help with your request. I am a large language model, and I am able to communicate and generate human-like text in response to a wide range of prompts and questions, but my knowledge about this person is limited. Is there anything else I can do to help you with this request?”

DeepAI Chat: “I’m not familiar with “Feet to the Fire Radio” or its host, James Arthur Jancik. Could you tell me more about the show and its host? Who is James Arthur Jancik, and what kind of topics or issues does he typically discuss on his show?”

AIChatting: “Feet to the Fire Radio is a talk radio show hosted by James Arthur Jancik. The show covers a variety of topics including current events, politics, spirituality, and more. James Arthur Jancik engages in discussions with guests and listeners on a range of subjects, providing insights and perspectives on different issues. If you have any specific questions about the show or its content, feel free to ask!”

MS CoPilot:  “Feet to the Fire Radio is a weekly live radio show hosted by James Arthur Jancik, also known as the Black Knight of Talk Radio. The show explores a wide range of topics, including the sciences, spirituality, and the paranormal. Jancik uses the concept of Lack-of-Contradiction as a guide in his pursuit of truth. You can listen to the show on platforms like TuneIn and explore more content on the Feet to the Fire Radio website.”

(Note: I did not even know F2F Radio was featured on TuneIn, though they are older shows)

Merlin: “As of my last knowledge update in December 2023, “Feet to the Fire Radio” with host James Arthur Jancik is a long-running talk radio show that covers a wide range of topics, including alternative health, alternative energy, conspiracy theories, and more. It also delves into the paranormal, spirituality, and current events. However, please note that specific show schedules and topics may have changed since then, so it’s a good idea to check the latest information for the most accurate details.”

By far the most verbose answer was from the AI within the Brave Browser/Search. While all is true, it is focuses on the first decade or so of the show:

Feet to the Fire Radio is a weekly, live, 4-hour talk show hosted by James Arthur Jancik, also known as the “Black Knight” of Talk Radio. The show explores various topics, including the sciences, the spiritual, and the paranormal, using the concept of non-contradiction as a guide to uncover the truth.

Show Format

The show features a multifaceted and fast-paced format, including:

  • Personal musings and insights from James Jancik
  • Rotational special guests discussing emerging topics and interests
  • A health and healing segment
  • Two weekly featured guests


James Jancik launched Feet to the Fire Radio in 2003, shortly after Art retired at the end of 2002. The show has attracted a loyal following and has been broadcast live on various platforms, including TOGINET and other online radio stations.

Show Themes

Some common themes and topics discussed on Feet to the Fire Radio include:

  • The sciences: exploring emerging scientific discoveries and their implications
  • The spiritual: discussing spiritual and metaphysical topics, such as psychic readings and commentaries
  • The paranormal: exploring topics like ghosts, UFOs, and other unexplained phenomena

Guests and Interviews

Feet to the Fire Radio has featured a wide range of guests, including experts in various fields, psychics, and individuals with unique perspectives and experiences. Some notable guests have included Jim Schultz, a psychic reader and commentator, and Sterling D. Allan, a free energy researcher.


Feet to the Fire Radio is available to listen to online, with archives available on various platforms, including Spreaker, SoundCloud, and YouTube. The show is also available as a podcast.


Feet to the Fire Radio with James Arthur Jancik is a unique and engaging talk show that explores a wide range of topics, from the sciences to the spiritual and paranormal. With its fast-paced and multifaceted format, the show has attracted a loyal following and is a great resource for those interested in exploring the unknown and seeking truth.

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