Some Listeners Comments

ListenersSome Listeners Comments

From time to time I get emails and comments from Feet to the Fire Radio listeners I would like to pass along. Thus the birth of this page. I have had many over the years, but only a few have been saved. I will post some as I can.

Send your comments to JAMES (AT THIS WEBSITE)

Listener Emails

Good Morning,

Just a quick thank you. I really appreciate your program. I like all aspects of it including the system info. I especially like when you talk about Christianity and Jesus.I like you would just like to know the truth about this life but we seem to live in a world of constant deception. I look forward to your programs, I usually have to download the day after.
Thanks for all your time and effort.


Dear James,
I really appreciate your conversation with Les tonight.  Your level headed and balanced insights have continued to be a grounding influence and inspiring moral compass over the years.
Be well,

Dear James

My wife and I have been listening to your archived programs for a few years and have found your subject matter interesting and thought provoking.

We also like your low key “style” and the way that you interview your guests as well as the weekly segments, especially Les Visible.

You might like to know that my brother in law Dennis was place on your meditation list when he developed throat cancer in 2007. I am happy to report that the treatment not only worked but that he has been in remission for six years and is FAA certified to fly helicopters and also fly as an instructor.

There is something special about your program.
This is a small way for us to say thank you for all that you do.

Best regards and God bless
Jack and Debbie