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F2F Radio – The Physics of Truth

The Physics of Truth As I posted here: I will start tonight with a Topic/subject to share my view on. Tonight I will talk about what Truth means to me. Its effects. It's Mass or perhaps better said its gravity. You can feel it. If you seek it, your ...
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Richard Alan Miller

F2F Radio LIVE 08/05/18 – Sommore Miller Time?

So You Need Sommore Miller Time? With Guest, Dr. Richard Alan Miller So ya say you need more Miller Time? Ya Got it. Live tonight will be a return conversation with James and Dr. Richard Alan Miller. From the Oregon Wildfire being possible a result of Volcanism to Colonizing Mars ...
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Blank Stare

F2F Radio LIVE for 07/29/18 – Blank Stare

Blank Stare: Unable to comprehend what I am Reading, Seeing and Hearing! Not sure what to say. Reading everything from the news to posts on my Social Media feeds leaves me with a blank stare. Seems all logic has gone out the window and we are living in our own ...
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Engage or Detach

F2F Radio LIVE for 07/22/18 – Engage or Detach?

Engage or Detach? Audio Podcast: HERE Seems that we have come to a critical intimate individually customized decision: Do we engage or do we detach? In what ways? With the unprecedented craziness in the air, how does one "be in and not of" the word? Some news of the week ...
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Les Visible meets Jesus Christ

F2F Radio – Les Visible Meets Jesus Christ

Les Visible Meets Jesus Christ Les Visible talks with James about his recent Spiritual encounter where he learns it has been Jesus Christ all along guiding him and inspiring him. Other talks by and with Les Visible on Feet to the Fire Radio: James' Vision he spoke of in ...
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My Calling

My “Calling,” So to Speak

It appears, my calling as it were, is being attracted to potential BS, critically thinking out the tenants offered by its proponents, and pointing out flaws if any.   This is not as glamorous (nor as profitable) as being a protagonist or propagandist. There are parties that cheer on your ...
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Trumpzilla #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA

Trumpzilla vs The D.C. Swamp Creatures

Trumpzilla vs The D.C. Swamp Creatures Trumpzilla, The Authentic American Daikaiju battles tyranny from the District of Columbia Swamp Creatures using those organic powers to work them like puppets to expose themselves and drive them mad in the process! The idea of balance in Creation can be seen in events ...
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Hearts Gown Cold

F2F Radio LIVE for July 8th ’18- Hearts Grown Cold

Has Hearts Grown Cold With Media Manipulation? Audio Only Podcast: LINK Have hearts grown cold? Much frustration with how the Internet News has grown to cater sub-groups rather than seek naked, raw information. Or perhaps it always has and the ones noticing are the ones changing? Will look ...
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Tingle in the Air

F2F Radio LIVE for July 1st 2018- Tingle in the Air

 Tingle in the Air Would best describe the tingle in the air as the Energy being injected just waiting for a match to kindle it. BE CAREFUL! Will talk more plus news of the week. Ni Les Visible this week. He is out of town. Facebook: Trump: I have ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Jun 24th 2018 – Why?

I will be talking about various news items this week, and, I have a question for you... yes you... Why do you listen to this broad/podcast? Comment below or send email to James via No Les Visible tonight (my fault) but here is a link to everything he has ...
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Mac Died

F2F Radio LIVE for June 17th 2018 -MacDied & Stuff

Main telecoms Computer (Macbook Pro) died.... Will talk about news of the week, plus and upcoming series I will do apart from this show. More... The Conspiracy Channel Returns: Prelaunch Lander Laura Loomer's Work Ripped Off: .@OANN’s & @JackPosobiec’s report today is ripped directly, without credit, from my work, specifically ...
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