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Bombing Syria Russia USA

F2F Radio w/Guest Jim Jatras on Syria Bombing

Talk on the Bombing of Syria and the Effects on USA/Russia relations. I asked Jim Jatras to give his informed, expert opinion on post bombing Syria and US-Russia relations. What are the real motivations by the US leaders in Syria and what might be awaiting us in the future. James ...
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revealing choice future

The Revealing, The Choice, The Future

I would submit what God has in store for us, I.E. "His Will," is what we choose. We are in a revealing, a choice and an action phase. We will get what we choose with eyes wide open and willingly wanting it. (I use "us" meaning humans in general) and ...
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A Visit Back to St. Joe’s So Soon?

Was emergency hospitalized for Diverticular Bleeding which stopped after several stress-filled and bloody days before terribly invasive surgery was needed (Thank God). Thanks to who donated the blood I needed. Be back this Sunday with F2F. F2FNEWS ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for 04/08/18 – Crashed MayDay

My main computer for broadcasting CRASHED right before the live show. Chiming in here off the laptop for a bit. My Post of Facebook that inspired what I talked about: (To me) This a very disturbing video. Not it or what proclaims. I would LOVE IT TO BE TRUE. It ...
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Barabbas or Jesus

F2F Radio LIVE 04-01-18 – Jesus Called The Christ

Whom Do You Wish? Barabbas or Jesus Called The Christ? Audio Only: HERE I will skip the news commentary today and give my personal thoughts about Jesus and why I follow Him. (Hint: It is not because I am scared of Hell nor because someone told me to do so.) ...
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Healthcare – A Universal Heart/Head Problem

I have no problem with Universal Healthcare, but, these things have to happen first (or at least concurrently):   1)- Responsible use of Healthcare. Right now for those paying for it, it is expensive to abuse medical healthcare insurance. In fact, the costs deter use so well, many do not ...
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Deutshe Bank Failure

F2F Radio w/Lional Parkinson: Deutsche Bank Fail!

Deutsche Bank: Out of Borrowed Money - Out of Borrowed Time Lional Parkinson Warns of an Imminent Bank Crash, Emulating Lehman Brothers Audio-Only Podcast HERE Lional Parkinson returned earlier today with breaking news on Deutsche Bank which will, in his words, be the match to blow up this banking/market ...
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omnibus work around

F2F Radio 03/25/18 – Omnibus Work Around?

Feet to the Fire Radio for March 25th 2018 Does President Trump have an Omnibus Work Around? Audio Only Podcast HERE Start out with various news items and comments. How many times have you read, wrote or said OMNIBUS this week? Disappointed? Well it might look like President Trump has ...
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buckwheat pancakes

Incredibly Healthy Buckwheat-Oat Pancake Recipe

Buckwheat Oat Pancakes sent to me in email by frequent F2F Radio  health guest, Ron Domain, and it is MMMM good: Super Swedish Pancakes 3 eggs 1 1/2 cup milk 1 cup Whole Grain Oat Flour 1/4 cup Buckwheat Flour 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract 1-2 stevia packets or tsp. of ...
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Black nor White

BEING RACED: Not Black Nor White

BEING RACED: We are Neither Black Nor White. I've wondered how people became "raced" black and white, as, we are actually all shades of brown; from beige to dark brown. The brownest man I have seen is still not black. And the whitest, not white. Though, if there is an ...
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Christian Whistle-blower Jeffery Daugherty

F2F Radio LIVE for Mar 11th 2018 -w- Jeff Daugherty

Feet to the Fire Radio LIVE for March 11th 2018 W-Guest, The Christian Whistle-blower, Jeffery Daugherty Audio-Only Podcast HERE NOTE: Had bandwidth issues last week and cancelled the show. I have decided, in future problems should they occur, I will broadcast live on Spreaker and record the HD YouTube and ...
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Bandwidth Issues – No Broadcast Tonight

Well., when I recorded the interview with James McCanney late last night, I was unable to go live because the bandwidth dried up. It was OK earlier today, but, it has done so again. I will not be able to do a broadcast tonight. An interview with James McCanney was ...
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