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F2FRadio – As Realms Collide, Negativity Increases

F2FRadio March 24th, 2019 Greetings All, Tonight I will do an Audio-Only case via Spreaker. I will comment on a wide range of topics.       OR In fact, Auto/Spreaker will be the defult unless I need video (visual presentations, Skype guests, etc). It is free. You need not register ...
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F2FRadio- Fairness in it’s “All About Me”

F2FRadio- Fairness in it's "All About Me" Audio Podcast: Listen Stream via Spreaker Page or app or Download BIG winds here today. Power out several times. My Drobo RAID backup had to rebuild itself.; but all data safe. As a result, I will be doing another Audio-Only webcast via Spreaker ...
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F2F Radio – What I Foresee If History is Our Crystal Ball

Audio Podcast: Listen Stream via Spreaker Page or app or Download I will be doing an Audio-Only Broadcast tonight in a few minutes. It will be free on my Spreaker page. The Topic? What I see as a probable future and more importantly, why. Based on very relevant past history ...
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Nature philosophy culmination evil

F2F Radio: The Nature, Philosophy and Culmination of Evil

The Nature, Philosophy, and Culmination of Evil Audio Podcast: Listen Stream via Spreaker Page or app or Download In order to avoid the Siren call of Evil in this life, one has to recognize True Evil. It's philosophy and inevitable pathway to hate, disdain and utter humiliation and destruction of ...
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Information Richard Alan Miller

F2F Radio – A New Year Chat LIVE w/Dr. Richard Alan Miller

A New Year Chat LIVE w/Dr. Richard Alan Miller Audio Podcast Version: We plunge headlong into yeat #17 with F2F, LIVE with a New Years Chat with Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D.; a long time fav on F2F and one interesting cat. Open Talk, Open Chat, open topics, and ...
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Attention Year 17

F2F Radio for 180113 – Your Attention Please!

Link to Audio Podcast Version: Just touching base with a test of my system after my reconfigure process and some comment on items in the past few weeks. Plus a warning that your attention is sought, at all costs and for many nefarious reasons. I will explain. You can ...
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No Radio Program Until Further Notice

With the tumult around me at present, and my greater need to reduce stress to get through the week, I will be suspending the live Feet to the Fire Radio show for a while. The piles of BS out there is getting to me. Time to take a break and ...
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truth reality

F2F Radio – 181202 – The Truth About Seeking Truth

"You can't handle the truth" yells out Jack Nicholson in the movie "A Few Good Men." But that is not true these days. People do not seek the truth, let alone handle it. Audio-Only Podcast Version: HERE Handling is irrelevant. People often do not seek truth even as they seek ...
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DEWs Wildfires

F2F Radio 181118 – Are the DEWs Doin’ It?

Is It The DEWs? Audio Only Podcast Link: Many have posted and reposted and reposted several pictures with the assertion it proves, conclusively, the California Wild Fires and been started and or/continued by the use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). But do these pictures prove the assertions? What of ...
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F2F Radio -181111 – Oh, It’s On in Fraudland

Oh Fraud, It's On in Swampland Audio Only: Well... the Blue trickle turns into a Blue Wave VIA MASSIVE voter Fraud! Trump calls out the cavalry. Who Will Win? We might miss it through the smoke and flames of California! Much to talk about. Les Visible is back ...
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Twas the Night Before

F2F Radio LIVE 11/04/18 – Twas the Night before…

Twas The Night Before... Well... The ORIGINAL live video did not get onto YouTube... I do not know why, but, I have the audio and it is uploaded in this video or you can listen via Spreaker: Bumper music tonight was from Jennie Devoe from her CD "Ta Da" and ...
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Fake News Confirmation Bias Ech Chamber

F2F Radio – 181028 – Fake News to Confirmation Bias

The Road to Truth: From Fake News to The Echo Chamber to Confirmation Bias. Audio Only Podcast: HERE When says our country is divided, one has said more then they realize. One might easily confine this to politics. But, the problem with Fake News goes across the spectrum due to ...
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