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F2F Radio Cancelled for Feb 11th, 2018

There will not be a live cast for Sunday Feb 11th, 2017 F2FNEWS ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Feb 4th 2018 – Attention Listen to Audio Only HERE Will talk over the news of the week, plus, the real currency of this world is your attention. Note the phrase. "Pay attention." The reason why this Memo is SO important, ...
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video audio archives

F2F Radio Video & Audio Archives

Here are the ways to access the various archives of the live Feet to the Fire Radio. I have set up various way you can watch and/or listen to the archived copies of the live Feet to the Fire production.Since Jan 2017, the "Radio" show has evolved into a live ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Jan 28th 2017 -IBS Was gonna cancel the broadcast, but gonna do it anyway. Had yet another gut attack; which I am now saying is IBS. Been laid up all weekend. I will discuss events from the past week and more. James: I wonder ...
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F2F Radio LIVE – Quantum Reality Deception Diversion

The Use of Deception and Diversion in the Quantum Mechanics Creative Process Audio Only Podcast: HERE I will address several news items, then, the battle for our quantum creative energy. There is a truth and a flaw in how we apply Quantum Mechanics to creating our future (I.E. The ...
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No Broadcast Tonight (Jan 14th 2018)

Gonna pass on the LIVE Feet to the Fire Radio tonight. Have to get up early, but was gonna do it anyway. Then I started feeling lousy, yet again... 🙁 F2FNEWS ...
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The Obsession with Knowing the Name of God

No One Knows The Name No matter who says what, the actual Hebrew name of God in the Hebrew scriptures, replaced by the all caps LORD in the english Bibles, is not known. It was deliberately not used (or perhaps removed) by the scribes in copying the texts. That is ...
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F2F Radio LIVE For Jan 7th 2018 – QANON

Feet to the Fire Radio for Jan 7th, 2018 LIVE - QANON Audio Only Listen LINK Tonight starts year # 16 for F2F Radio. Jan 5th marks 15 years of doing like broadcasts, Sunday nights! Here is a link to my oldest surviving show from Feb 24th 2003: ...
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Why the Q in QANON

So, Why the “Q” in the Q-ANON?

Possible sources of the "Q" in Q-Anon The first thing I noticed was the auspicious presence of "Q" in the pseudonym of Q-Anon. I had two immediate possibilities from my own knowledge base. It has been awhile and while reading much about QANON; and perhaps it is Captain Obvious, but, ...
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End of 2017

F2F Radio: The End of 2017

Feet to the Fire Radio; The End of 2017 Audio Only Stream: HERE I will talk about a few news stories, like President Trump's recent EO on Human Rights and his declaration of Jan 2018 official Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Also, would you like a leather wallet? Of human ...
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Planned show for Christmas Eve Fell Through.

I was planning a pre-recorded F2F Radio show recorded Saturday to air tonight with James McCanney, but, I got ill on Friday had to push it back a week. (3rd time sick since I've been out of the hospital; the antibiotics mush have played havoc on my immune system. All ...
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Merry Miller Time

Merry Miller Time! F2F Radio LIVE for Dec 17th 2017

Merry Miller Time! F2F Radio LIVE for Dec 17th 2017 Audio Only Link HERE First a few comments from me on FCC/FTC Net Neutral Spin and other news items from the week. Then it's a Merry Miller Christmas with Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D. live and uncut. Please send ...
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