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Prayer Meditation

F2F Radio LIVE 180923 – Prayer & Meditation

What is actually the act/action of "Prayer & Meditation." What do the words convey from the biblical Hebrew and Greek? What is actually the act/action of "Prayer & Meditation." What do the words convey from the biblical Hebrew and Greek? Audio Only Version: In these last few weeks, ...
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F2F Radio Live 180916 – Prescience

Prescience: Real or Imagined? Nudged by his rereading the DUNE series, James has coined various mechanisms and limitations for real prescience and will present some of his ideas. Can one get real info, but, be then locked into a self-fulfilling (and self-limiting) process? Does one get info (from a "higher" ...
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F2F Radio LIVE: 180909 The Inter-Noose Tightens

The Internet Noose Tightens: SLL Certs and Social (Trust) Scores Audio Podcast Version: HERE I have spoken here and there about the ways of silencing undesirables from the Internet through technical means, Up until now, those ways caused too much collateral damage as EVERYTHING uses the internet from education to ...
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the role of cash in the crash

F2F Radio: The Role of Cash in the Coming Crash

Lional Parkinson Interview on the Coming Crash and the Role Cash Can Play to Help You Through Download Audio: HERE Lional Parkinson has appeared on F2F Radio in audio and video interviews on the coming financial crash and the role cash (physics, paper dollars) plays in it. As the stocks ...
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About Feet to the Fire Radio

About Feet to the Fire Radio

Audio Only Version:  HERE Greetings. I’m James Arthur Jancik, the “Black Knight” of Talk Radio, or so was my tag-line back in the day. I am the host of Feet to the Fire. A weekly audio broadcast that started Jan 5th 2003, and can be heard live Sunday nights varying ...
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Eternity Eternal Ages Eon Aon Agelong

F2F Radio 9-1-18 What is A Biblical Eternity?

Audio Only Podcast: HERE Building upon last week's look at "Hell", the Greek word behind the English translated word "Eternity" there are some differences to what Church doctrine teaches. Also the Phrase "Ever and Ever." Understanding this helps us develop the correct view of our "life after death" and the ...
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Hell Hades Gehenna Sheol

F2F Radio LIVE for 08/26/19 – What the Hell?

Hell: Hades (Sheol) or Gehenna? I will address a few news stories from the week, then I wanna talk Hell. What are the Biblical and historical bases for it? What did Jesus say? Is it correctly taught? Also, I posted a link to my two Bible Studies I did at ...
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bible studies

My Old Bible Studies from the 90’s

After a few requests, and, since it seems I will be going into this territory on Feet to the Fire Radio in future segments, I found and converted my old ASCII Text files (mad on my Commodore 128!) on Bible Studies in the early 90's into PDFs and will provide ...
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God's Will Authority

F2F Radio: The Will of God?

The Will of God... Not to be confused with God's Authority Audio Podcast: I have heard many in this days look at the world and say, "No worries, the Will of God cannot be stopped." OR, "It's God's Will" that something happened or didn't happen. Good or Bad. The ...
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October Surprise Trap

The Trap is Laid: The Coming October Surprise

The Trap is Layed: The Coming October Surprise The #LegacyMedia (a.k.a- #MSM) has created huge cognitive dissonance between reality and its regular viewers. The main points of concentration have been, Trump: Is a Racist-Homophobe This has fizzled a bit with easily verifiable history disproving this from his full life as ...
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F2F Radio – The Physics of Truth

The Physics of Truth As I posted here: I will start tonight with a Topic/subject to share my view on. Tonight I will talk about what Truth means to me. Its effects. It's Mass or perhaps better said its gravity. You can feel it. If you seek it, your ...
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Richard Alan Miller

F2F Radio LIVE 08/05/18 – Sommore Miller Time?

So You Need Sommore Miller Time? With Guest, Dr. Richard Alan Miller So ya say you need more Miller Time? Ya Got it. Live tonight will be a return conversation with James and Dr. Richard Alan Miller. From the Oregon Wildfire being possible a result of Volcanism to Colonizing Mars ...
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