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F2F Radio LIVE for Dec 10th 2017 -CryptoMania

CryptoMania! Feet to the Fire Radio Live for December 10th 2017 I will open with some thoughts and news items. Then, Tonight's guest: Mr. Rho, host of the Revolution Radio talk shows, "Reality Extraction" (Thursdays @ 5pm Pacific, Studio B) and "Crypto Corner" (Mondays @ 1pm Pacific, Studio A). ...
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F2FR Dec 3rd 2017 Potpourri

F2F Radio LIVE for Dec 3rd, 2017 -Potpourri

F2F Radio LIVE for Dec 3rd, 2017 -Potpourri Audio Only Stream HERE How You See the World is How You Read the News. A Potpourri of News and Commentary from #FakeNews on Flynn to Bitcoin Myths and Possibilities. More Links to be posted later. No Les Visible tonight. Audio ...
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Bitcoin: What’s Its Real “Value?”

IMO what ultimately gives #Bitcoin it's "value" is not the use of it (to buy stuff) but it's used as a storage system separate from any currency instrument, yet universally accessible and transferable. Ultimately, it will rise to be used as backing/collateral for creating liquidity without it's actually becoming liquid ...
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Strange Flesh

F2F Radio LIVE for Nov 26th, 2017 – Strange Flesh

F2F Radio LIVE for Nov 26th, 2017 - Strange Flesh Audio-Only version HERE I will open with various news/comments; the I will talk about two main topics: 1)- The growing number of YouTube reports on the "Take Down" of the Elites by Trump 2)- The (last) key evils of ...
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Jatras on Saudi Arabia

F2F Radio LIVE for Nov 19th 2017 – Jim Jatras on Saudi Arabia

Jim Jatras on Saudi Arabia "Crackdown" Audio Only HERE Will open with some live comments on news stories, then play an interview recorded earlier today on what is really happening in Saudi Arabia. Is it really about anti-corruption, or is it corruption at it best. Is Trump involved (as ...
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F2F Radio For Nov 12th, 2017 – Lionel Parkinson

Feet to the Fire Radio LIVE for Nov 12th, 2017 with new interview with Lionel Parkinson: Surfing the Coming Crash- Too Big to Fail & Too Big to Bail! Audio Version HERE Lional Parkinson returns to address these 3 key questions: 1. WILL THE DOLLAR CRASH IN THE ...
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F2F Radio for Nov 5th 2017 – New JFK Files

A Look at the New JFK Files and How it Effects Assassination Theorists Audio Only Podcast Version Tonight we look at the new Kennedy Files released by President Trump with: Brian David Andersen is the author of books and videos presenting his theory the "assassination" was a method of ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Oct 29th, 2017 – EMP

Feet to the Fire Radio for Oct 29th, 2017 - EMP Audio Podcast: HERE EMP is Coming! We have hear that since the days of Art Bell. But can it really happen? How could it actually be done? With the hype of North Korea, could this be a setup ...
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Les Visible on Feet to the Fire Radop 0ct 22 2017

F2F Radio LIVE for Oct 22nd, 2017

Les Visible Open Talk, Questions and Comments Feet To the Fire Radio LIVE for Oct 22nd 2017 Podcast Audio: HERE UPDATE: We will have LES VISIBLE -LIVE- for conversation, consultation, opinionation (?), and fun. I'll open with some ramblings, then we will go to Les :15 or :20 after ...
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F2F Radio, LIVE, Oct 15th 2017 – Miller

It's Miller Time! Feet to the Fire Radio LIVE  for Oct 15th, 2017 With Audio-Only via SPREAKER I return for the 1st broadcast since being hospitalized; what better guest to have than Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D. I will start out this week with some comments and observations ...
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Had a Ride to Jolly Saint Joe

I became ill Sunday and was taken to the ER I was not in condition to even post I was not doing a show for which I apologize. I am recovering and will resume live, HD YouTube casts  shortly. I will be pondering and preparing new shows as I recoup. ...
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F2F Radio LIVE for Sept 17th 2017 – Physical Realm Focus

 The Physical Realm Focus' Growing Importance Audio-Only: Free via Spreaker News of the Week, along with some new features of F2F Website, Audio and Video. -My Talk: The Increased Focus and Importance of the Physical Realm. No Les Visible to night, but, we will have The Ancient One... More ...
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