F2F Radio: Eyes or Ears? Which to Believe?

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The two ideologic sides, let us name them the Steady State and the MAGA Crowd, seem to be living in two different planes of existence, and they are so incompatible it is as if a vacuum separated them. One cannot exist between them because if you do, each labels you the other.

Yet they seem to have some things in common. Much rhetoric comes from each side taken on faith, and those using Critical Thinking discern fact from fiction from theory are slammed. Lies and truths can be openly exposed, yet, never reach the ones in need of this information to better balance their viewpoints.

The Steady State uses its powers to overlook what it wishes and attack who threatens it. The MAGA Crowd reports how everything works according to The Plan; many times fueled by fantasy. Well, Reality is coming, and illusion and delusion will shatter alike. I would like to give my bird’s eye view of things from the perspective of the Eye (observations), and compare and contrast it to the perspective of the Ear (talk and writings)

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