James McCanney F2F Radio Interviews 2004-2011

When I first started Feet To The Fire Radio in 2003, I sought out people I heard interviewed on Art Bell Coast to Coast so I could ask them the questions I wished to. I was thrilled to interview one of my favorite guests from C2C, James McCanney, M.S., and it evolved into a regular event.

Starting in 2007 thru 2012, James also appeared in a monthly segment, “James McCanney’s Sciene Report,” but I will have to post that later as they were embedded within the 4 hr shows.

I listed below the links to those as he appeared as the main guest. The text is taken from the original F2F website when it first appeared:

January 18th, 2004 (first appearance on F2F):

David Booth Talks about a series of prophetic dreams and what his research reveals it may mean (Hint: Planet X ring a bell?) Also, with David in the first segment, Inventor, Innovator, Publisher Wayne Green! And in the second segment, David is joined by the researcher and scientist James M. McCanney, M.S. Also discussed by all is the amazing impact of a comet with the Sun just the other day, the volcanoes/earthquakes rocking all over the earth, and they seemed appearance of a “new star” in the southern hemisphere! Sam Maranto also joins in this amazing round-robin discussion!

Feb 29th, 2004 (3-hour show): In the first Segment, James McCanney speaks on the incoming comets with dates to watch for an electro-planetary reaction! Also, he speaks on his Cometary Model.

April 4th, 2004 (3 hour show): In Hour 3: James McCanney for an update on happenings in our Solar Neighborhood With two comets in April and May that could have lighting strikes on Mercury and Venus!

May 15th, 2005 (I think it was still a 3-hour show; the last 2 hours): James McCanney returns to F2F with a few things to talk about: 1)- The Situation at Yellowstone and his project to drain the lake from the caldera to minimize potential explosion if the caldera were to breach and the water drop into the magma. 2)- A type of Suborbital Flight that could revolutionize the way we fly. 3)- NASA was supposed to have launched the shuttle on May 15, but it was postponed again into July … do we really have a space program? 4)- Also, a Planet X Update.

Oct 8th, 2006 (a 2 hr segment of my now 4 hr show. At this point, I began to edit out commercials, perhaps bumper music for the archive, but the content is not edited): James M. McCanney -Researcher/Scientist/Theorist. James returns to F2F to update us on his application and interpretation of the data retrieved from the latest cometary probes and how it relates to his Plasma Discharge Comet Model.

Dec 14th, 2008  James McCanney (“Principia Meteorologia: The Physics of Sun Earth Weather”) Joins us live for two hours to discuss the obvious and overlooked electrical nature of Weather.

Feb 27th, 2011 (2hr seg): James McCanney, M.S. author of The Diamond Principle, signifies the many facetted analysis of modern society and determination of where man should be directed based on the true scientific nature of the universe. Nature has provided easy means for us to survive and prosper on this planet and then migrate effortlessly into outer space. However, we are choosing a path that is contrary to nature’s plan.

Since the new website started in 2017, we have only done one show to date:

F2F Radio Interview with James McCanney -Wind Generation

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