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What Color is Your Pill?


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Are you Pilled? Probably; whether you realize it or not. Do you know what color is your Pill?

In the light of the growing disconnect with Reality and a acceleration of either a retreat or charge to delusion, I wish to examine the various “Pills” and see where we all fall? Remember the words of Socrates:

“he unexamined life is not living”

This talk tonight is precipitated by the news of Epstein’s “Death.” Given the attempted suicide (that some say was an attempted murder by someone in different, but, near cell)… And given the odd circumstances that allowed someone on suicide to kill himself without anyone noticing. I think we have three possibilities. Your choice of the answer will reveal your personal world view:

1)- He killed himself. This would mean amazing incompetence on the holding jail staff.

2)- He was killed. This would mean either amazing incompetence of the jail staff and/or their or higher-ups complicity in the murder planning and execution.

3)- Perhaps due to the near kill in the first attempt, he was whisked away under cover of “death” to a secret location:

3a)- to testify against the world’s rich and powerful sicko elites.

3b)- to not testify against the world’s elites and live out his life in seclusion.

So, what is your perspective?

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