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Reality, Possibilities and Projections: The Media on all counts have become a construct for it’s viewers. There is a Delusional Rabbit Hole for each of use, tuned to our sweet spots.

General commentary on various new events and particularly on post I have read in the last week(s).

My Facebook posts this week:

For the tally books, it would appear that Adrenochrone is not listed as a controlled substance and is totally synthesizable. Thus it could be made (not needed to be “harvested”) and not cost billions of dollars per pounds, as alleged.

This does not mean it is “safe” nor “effective.”
Just a quick 1st Amendment refresher:

The Constitution has set legal methods for adding, changing or even abolishing itself.

Communists/Socialists can promote a change to the Constitution and try to elect people to change it.

Patriots can promote the keeping of the Constitution and oppose those who want to change it and promote try to elect people to support it.

One CANNOT prevent either from peacefully speaking freely on this nor assault/batter them.

OK, we clear on this?
I cannot believe I have to actually say this, and that, at some point, this obvious truth may become illegal and is already risking being banned by Social Media:

As seen throughout the biosphere, here are two biological genders as denoted by differing genitalia. It is this genitalia that determines who gets pregnant/bears children and which bathroom one uses.

“Gender Identity” is a mental/emotional function. While it is not illegal nor should these people be abused for their (compelled or otherwise) choices, the Biologically Aligned genders should not be legally required or compelled to accept these Gender Identities as “natural” and be forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers or other gender-segregated accommodations which have been segregated and universally accepted for health and safety reasons.

Walter Burien and his work on CAFR:

A Simple and Obvious Take on the China Problem

Walter Burien -Researcher on Government CAFR (3hrs)

CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Did you know who the largest owner of private investments is? Composite Government. That’s to say the City, Country, State and Federal Government investments combined make the US Composite Government systems the largest owner, and thus, has the largest say (by proxy) in what private business does.

Did you know that the total assets of these government investments DWARF the budget and deficits we hear about? Do you know if the returns on these Government investments were to be applied toward taxes, not only would we pay NO taxes, but every American would get a yearly DIVIDEND CHECK!

Part 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13C0fMyW7ikDIjrWKx7Hfac8jzDDJlE4w/view

Part 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m926QS1SOHLqYp6Ug0UILQhasY0zDCZs/view

Ya know…. the Punk Rock inventors, the Sex Pistols, the so called low-life swearing scum… even they knew back then that abortion was animalistic and murder… I actually teared up when listening to this… Explicit Lyrics to say the least.


Critical Thinking and Checking the Work is always needed to find Truth… especially in this Political-Fueled world of Propaganda-Driven Media. https://youtu.be/lXGgI2E5JUw

Apparently, this did not pass.

Term Limits: https://youtu.be/TnwGdl1YrQ8

OH.. I forgot to mention this… a Real World, “Mad As Hell”:

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