Happy 90th Birthday Wishes From Pres. Donald J. Trump

Happy 90th Birthday from Donald J. TrumoPersonalized Happy 90th Birthday Wishes to My Mother from Donald J. Trump!


My mother has been a lifelong Democrat. Not liking Hillary, she wrote in her vote for Bernie Sanders. As she witnessed the “terrible way they were treating President Trump,” and with the information she had been missing from the MSM augmented from us and watching Tucker Carlson, she firmly supported and voted for President Trump in 2020.

She was disappointed in the election results. And after witnessing the terrible job of President Biden, she had a wish for two things in 2024: Her 90th birthday and voting for Donald J. Trump.

A Birthday Idea:

I thought it would be a nice surprise if she received a birthday wish from President Trump. I thought her journey from committed Democrat to supporting him would be a nice example of what his Presidency has achieved. However, I had no idea how to get this story to him; and I left it at that.

Action Yields Results:

Fortunately, after hearing my idea, Lucinda started working on this. She ultimately sent an email to the official Trump website and to our delight, received a registered mail envelope containing this signed letter on official letterhead:

Donald J. Trump
February 4, 2024

Dear Ms. Jancik,

Melania and I are pleased to join your family and many friends in wishing you a happy 90th birthday! Congratulations on this wonderful occasion.

Your American story is a proud part of our Nation’s remarkable history. We hope your heart is filled with joy knowing that you have experienced the many blessings of our great country.

Happy birthday, and may God continue to bless you and your family as you enjoy this tremendous milestone.

With very best wishes,
Donald J. Trump

I just wanted to share this story amid contrived political attacks to show where his real heart is.  People.

God Bless You Former and Future President Trump for making my mothers’ day special!

James A. Jancik