The Hostile Takeover of the USA and “The Plan”

“The Plan” and It’s Revealed Purpose

If it isn’t evident to you by now, “The Plan” is a Psy-Op geared to have those who would have vigorously opposed having our country strangled right before their eyes. It lulls them to lay down and blissfully await the fiction reveal itself in a massive cognitive dissonance moment disabling them from responding with any real threat to this hostile takeover of the liberties American People and this constitutional trashing. Or perhaps shock them into violence, which, they need to justify further oppression.
One can see that many of these people have overlayed their perception of “God’s Plan” onto “The Plan” fostered, no doubt, by the adherence to the doctrine of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. (They need to read Matthew 24. It does not very pretty before God’s intervention)

Current State of Play

As I look at the Chess Board, the American People have the advantage of numbers. Civil Disobedience, as it was called in the American ’60s and in Gandhi’s action in British controlled India, does not in and of itself “win.” But it does force the oppressors’ hands to reveal it’s ugly intentions more blatantly, which will (may) awaken more of the masses.
This does not mean a violent populous reaction. Even if it were successful (Like the French Revolution, or Cuba), the results would simply allow another faction hitherto unable to oppress become the oppressors. So those in their own “Plan” of 1776 revisited will only help the current goal.
What is the current goal, plainly put? The destruction of the American Economic System, which powers and nurtures the American Way of Life which stands in direct opposition to the Globalist plans.

Any Solutions?

What is my solution? It isn’t violent nor waits for a Fictional Savoir(s).
1)- Adopt smart precautions against the spread (or spreading) of the virus.
2)- Open the stores and businesses and return to what was. It will be slow, and we would have to patronize those that do open. Calmly.
3)- Ignore the numbers being shoved down your throat via The Propaganda News, a crucial arm in this takeover. The virus is real, people will get sick and recover, and people will get sick and dies. AS THEY DO EVERY YEAR FROm FLU. The planned panic/hoarding is the real difference and is the synthetic cause of the shortages
4)- Be prepared to be severely accosted by the System. Be it like Kent State or Gandi, they WILL strike back, hard and ugly. Especially in the Oppressor’s substantial holdings like NY, IL, and CA. Arrests will be the least, psychological torcher and physical harm will be the worst. Being put into cells with COVID19 infected, for example.
5)- The key is to NOT, PHYSICALLY fight back. Merely resist. Make the oppressors take you hard, and film it, and share it every way possible. Make it as visible as possible, by taking virus=spreading precautions and calm, orderly behavior, they are attacking you for simply and responsibly living your life doing normal things.
Take lessons from Hong Kong and even China. The word got out to expose them. At least until this lockdown took off the focus.

What About President Trump?

Thank God for Trump, but his hands are tired one way or another. He either believes some or much of the show being put on; perhaps he will see through it. Maybe he already has. Be he cannot unilaterally fight it. He will be tossed out of office in a heartbeat by those who either A)-Belive the hype or B)-Are creating the hype. But, part of my hope is that we are in the most critical Tv Reality Show in history, and he is the most excellent TV Reality Winner.
I am not sure when to “start” this “resistance.” I am not even sure it is also winnable. Remember, they have mighty persuasive “non-lethal” powers. But, to quote a crazy fictional character with amazingly spot-on foresight, ‘First, you have to get mad! ‘I’m a human being goddammit, my life has value!'” And that “value” ain’t $1200.
James Arthur Jancik
April 4th, 2020