The Trap is Laid: The Coming October Surprise

October Surprise TrapThe Trap is Layed:
The Coming October Surprise

The #LegacyMedia (a.k.a- #MSM) has created huge cognitive dissonance between reality and its regular viewers. The main points of concentration have been, Trump:

Is a Racist-Homophobe

This has fizzled a bit with easily verifiable history disproving this from his full life as a builder/businessman through his campaign up to his current cabinet/appointees and Executive Orders and the SCOTUS rulings.

Collaborated with the Russians to subvert the Election Process

This has been somewhat successful as it has hamstrung Trump in dealing with Russia as he may have wanted (for the benefit of World Peace, I would add). But it also put in place Mueller who is trolling for anything from anyone who could possibly have anything (real or fabricated) to give the pretext for Impeachment. The RINOs have also abandoned the American People’s vote for their own Neo-Con agenda to make the Impeachment treat real. But the 2018 elections may ease this pressure.

Is Unqualified to Lead

This has been shattered by his amazing dealings with financial and political dealings with China, Russia, The EU, NATO, and now Mexico

Is Unhinged/Unbalanced

While I would not tweet as he does, it seems to serve a purpose as it draws out the true “unhinged” in the Extreme Left to act out unprecedented hostilities and vitriol hate never before seen (by me anyway in my life).

His followers are Neo-Nazis

It turns out the activists of the Extreme Left are the violent (by definition, rather than verbal label) Communist and Fascists. Rioting, assaulting and fomenting the real hate.

These have been unsuccessful to date to cause President Trump to either resign or be tossed out. The desperation with all these failures to remove Trump coupled with Trumps growing successes in offices and rising approval rating in all categories and the #WalkAway Campaign is making the Extreme Left increasingly desperate and thus more dangerous to the health and stability of the USA.

They place their NEED to get Trump out above all else.

Why they want him out SO badly is a mystery to me. My only “guess” can be made at the revealing of the unprecedented corruption and law-breaking (if not treasonous) and incompetent actions of members of the Obama administration in things from Uranium One to failure to stop Russian Meddling to spying on Trump and Trump’s people to trying to stop his lawful elections. The Podesta/DNC emails leaked shows even more ghastly actions.

The next plan of action seems to be aimed at this November’s election. From clues gleaned from actions and assertions from the Extreme Left, I would watch for the following actions and REMEBER; the MSM’s followers have been trained/prepared to accept their assertions without question or proof:

An ATTACK ON THE MEDIA blamed, if not on literal Trump supporters, at least inspired by Trumps “attacks” on the Media. (NOTE: HE did/does not attack the “Media” but the #FakeNews and propaganda organs within the Media)

RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD IN NOV It will come in the form of:
1)- Dead registered voters voting
2)- Votes from registered people who did not actually vote
3)- Illegal Aliens being allowed to vote
4)- Challenges to Non-Democratic voters by Dem Poll judges

The worst will be tally tampering after the fact with the votes themselves. This is why we need:

1)- VoterID proving identity and citizenship.
2)- Paper Ballots with some type of tracible validating system

I am not trying to stop a “Left” victory. I just want a fair election and if they people go Left or Socialist/Communist, so be it. The Constitution has provisions within to literally be re-written. It just takes a LARGE number of citizens agreeing.

The cognitive dissonance trap has been set. ook for an “October Surprise” and look for it to be desperate and outrageous with potential economic (Markets collapsing) and violent consequences. With luck (or grace) it will fizzle as all the other attempts have to date.

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