My “Calling,” So to Speak

My CallingIt appears, my calling as it were, is being attracted to potential BS, critically thinking out the tenants offered by its proponents, and pointing out flaws if any.
This is not as glamorous (nor as profitable) as being a protagonist or propagandist. There are parties that cheer on your support of their cause, belief or worldview.
Following the path of Lack of Contradiction as a guide to Reality (A.K.A. Truth) often presents one as an antagonist or an outright enemy to those holding the assessed positions. This should not be so.
Pointing out flaws does not make one smart or right and others dumb or wrong. It is meant to promote self-examination on the positions, beliefs, and assumptions on ALL sides. THIS is a way for all to benefit by moving closer to Reality (Truth) and becoming more grounded in one’s positions and belief and validates or invalidates assumptions.
It is only when the ego (or one’s self-worth) is tied to their beliefs and positions there is trouble.

Also, they may not be a unifying Truth to be found as there is not enough information to get there. This is where true diversity and tolerance is found in the coexistence between “sides.”

It also helps when you have external Laws (I.E. – The US Constitution) that outline, support and restrain conflict that may arise from these irreconcilable differences.
Due to our limited vision of Truth, being “wrong” or being “right” is a temporary state in flux to finding a better-grounded Reality.

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