The Revealing, The Choice, The Future

I would submit what God has in store for us, I.E. “His Will,” is what we choose. We are in a revealing, a choice and an action phase. We will get what we choose with eyes wide open and willingly wanting it. (I use “us” meaning humans in general) and it will happen.
It is like unto Pilot saying, “Whom do you wish? Barabbas or Jesus?” The corrupt or the pure? After all Jesus revealed, many chose Barabbas. 

After the wonders witnessed under Moses in the Wilderness, they build the Golden Calf and then had to choose, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Many choose the Calf. 
God is revealing the reality of corruption and human trafficking right in the open. The Propaganda machine is trying to keep the cover on, but, thanks to Internet it is gushing out. People will have to actively work to NOT see it; which will reveal their true heart.
God does not have to “send” a “judgement” on us. We PLEAD for it. “PLEASE leave me alone with my toaster and my TV” as Howard Beale so excellently put it in “Network.”
But God is NOT gonna leave us alone. Not until everyone has seen and choosen. Then we will receive what we asked for.
The evil will be revealed. The self-righteous will be exposed. Faith will be tested. Those of a dubious past who step up for Righteousness will be forgiven many sins. Those who proclaim God from their lips but shrink back in these times will falter. (The first shall be last, and the last first). 
I submit it is God’s will we choose “good” and reject “evil.” But I think it is also His will we CHOOSE it rather then begrudgingly submit to it. So we will see more and more the obvious results of evils and make an informed choice.
Adam chose to KNOW the difference between Good and Evil. “Adam” in Hebrew means “Man” (or Humans) and I submit we humans are at the pinnacle of this process of Knowing and Choosing. May we choose wisely.
James Arthur Jancik

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