Why Trump “Lost” Against The Coup

Why Trump “Lost” Against The CoupI received an email with a link to a Russian article explaining why Trump “lost” to the coup. I will place a link for you to read it in full if you want. But there was a section I will quote that echoes something I was going to deal with in my webcast:

We can say that Trump lost because he did not want to bring his country to the revolution and the associated big blood. And in his own way, he’s even right. Nowhere and never in history has such a thing happened without massive bloodshed.

During the four years of the American Civil War (1861-1865), the total military losses alone amounted to 664,900 people, or 2.1% of the country’s population at that time. And this is not counting the “loss” of about 3 million more people as a result of hunger, disease and banditry, which became a consequence of the fighting.

If the same proportion, adjusted for modern specifics, is transferred to the present, then the price of the Second Civil War in America can be up to 25-30 million human lives. So whether Donald Trump was wrong, who did not dare to step “on the revolutionary path” – let everyone decide for themselves.

Excerpt from the Article “The Biden Coup: Reasons and Conclusions”

Perhaps Trump “lost” because he balked at starting a civil war that would have surely killed tens of millions of people. And as a Christian, I cannot criticize him for that. Perhaps, consciously or subconsciously, he placed it in God’s hands by not taking it in (his) man’s hands which would be overflowing with blood.

If anyone has been goaded into a civil war by a lying, soulless, evil, elitist ruling class by relentless, personal, professional, political, and moral attacks, it is President Trump. Yet, in the end, perhaps it was his love of people that held back any ego or pride that have overwhelmed lesser men into the spilling of innocent, collateral blood.

Possibly it is the revolutions that had stayed God’s earlier intervention. “It’s OK God, we got this” resulting in, as it were, a blood sacrifice to stay Evil’s complete domination until sometime later. And like the National Debt, and the Federal Reserve, the “debt” gets bigger each time. Perhaps a plunge into complete world tyranny will be so complete this time that Gabriel’s Horn will blow this time around; when Man realizes its utter futility to say, “It’s OK God, we got this.”

James Arthur Jancik, Jan 16th, 2021

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