F2F Radio: Dignity of Living In These Times

I have been working on a Webcast for a few weeks; well, actually, for months. In these past weeks, I have worked on a colossal cluster of statements significantly affecting one another. If this, then that. What if this affects that. If that, therefore, this, unless that other thing, etc. It is driving me near batty.

The real sobering thing is no matter what I plugin, it does not look good. It looks downright awful. I have been working on ways to share my findings and the logic behind them, but it means spinning many plates in the air and keeping them turning as I explain how they interact before they all fall. And fall they will, and that fall will be great.

It has been causing me great anxiety to try and get it just right without appearing to shoot down other folks’ hopes and beliefs. It is neither a Black Pill nor a Red Pill, but a Reality Pill attempt. To see what is coming and focus on what matters in one’s life at this time in history.

It is not about me being correct, nor selling my view. It is not a debate of political or religious ideology. It is about the inevitable and utter destruction and the economic collapse of the USA’s system of freedom in commerce from food production, to manufacturing, to transportation, to healthcare, to education, to banking, to communication, all in a surprisingly short timeframe.

It is, in essence, the Biblical “Fall of Babylon,” and I am watching it in real-time.

I have listened to “Plans” to stop this fall for several years, and they have failed or been reworked and kicked down the road. Our system is SO complex and interconnected; it is literally in a Jingo Game, and “they” have successfully knocked out many vital pieces, and Humpy Dumpy is falling and all the King’s horses, and all the King’s men… etc. Trump notwithstanding.

What vital pieces? Ships, trains, deliveries are jammed. Shelves are barring. Police, Fire, and Healthcare workers are fired for not taking experimental medicine to stop disease with a 98+% survival rate. The medication long used to treat humans (IVT, HCQ, etc.) is purposely limited. Humiliating the military. China is flexing its muscles, inflation is skyrocketing, and the Media is lying propaganda in mass. The Internet is polluted with fantasy, trolls, and trash.

NONE of this has ever happened before, not on this scale and not all in mere months.

“They” are far from worried. “They” are not scared of the reaction of the American people. ALL of the people’s actions or inactions fall within their mechanism to destroy the system.

“They” are not concerned for potential legal action for mandating experimental drugs nor any side effects. “They” are not spending the sleepless night tossing and turning about election audits and recounts. “They” are not worried about the consequences of spending trillions or raising taxes or inflation. “They” do not care about millions flooding the failing infrastructure. THEY ARE JUST RUNNING OUT THE CLOCK UNTIL BOOM, the system crashes, and the process of riots, starvation, sickness, and uncivil wars does the job.

If you do not see this; you do not feel this; I cannot help you.

We need to prepare to fulfill each of our destinies. We should do this by examining what we need to be doing for our health, souls, and family and friends in our sphere. It is not about staying alive; we all will die someday. It is about the sanctity and dignity of living that life to its conclusion whenever or however that will be.

For me, it is the words of Jesus that show the way. Not churches or theologians or pagans or priests. Not liberals or conservatives or politicians or pundits. It’s not about race, gender, or country of origin. It’s not about saying saving words, or doctrines, or dogmas. It’s Jesus’ Words Only:


“God bless us all; everyone” -Timothy “Tiny Tim” Cratchit.

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