RIP: Charlie, The Wonder Dog

Charlie in 2009

On Thursday, May 25th, 2019, our dog, Charlie, a Jack Russell/Poodle mix, who we had since a pup, was laid to rest at a ripe age of 15 years old.

He was good friends with our cat, Sammy, who we took in from a neighbor and her abusive knucklehed boyfriend and have been together since he was 1 year old and was about the same age.

2019 Charlie Sammy
March 2019
2018 Hangin’ Out

Last night, Sammy slept in Charlie’s bed, alone, but, he used only half of it, as he did when he shared it.


Sammy without Charlie
Sammy Without Charlie

I took Charlie out to ride with me on my motorcycle a few times:


A couple of years ago, Charlie was very ill. We discovered a wonderful Vet, Dr. Hitt at Timberline Animal Hostpital in Joliet, IL who took X-Rays. It was a HUGELY swollen prostate. We thought Charlie was a goner. But Dr. Hitt treated him and gave use a few more quality years with him; restored him fully.  At that time we got Molly a Jack Russell/Rat Terrior mix to help us with Charlie’s passing. But he pulled through and he got a sister! Molly.

2017 Charlie and Molly
2017 Charlie and Molly
2017 (Aug) Molly and Charlie

Well, Charlie lost his sight in recent months and I was trying an eye-drop to dissolve the cataracts, but, a stroke ended that. It was very hard to choose kill my little doggie; or so it felt. But, again Dr, Hitt was wonderful to explan his prognosis of confusion, dizziness and duress and we decided with heavy hearts the final gift we can give Charlie is to end his suffering.  He was with us for 15 years.

Below are some misc pics plus a video a Charlie talking to the Dog Poet, Les Visible.

2008 Charlie Sammy and Lucinda
Christmas 2018 Charlie Lucinda and Molly
2011 Charlie Looking At An Alien in the Window
2017 Charlie and Sammy
2017 Charlie and Sammy
Charlie At Rest

Bye Buddy… will see you soon.