So, Why the “Q” in the Q-ANON?

Possible sources of the “Q” in Q-Anon

Why the Q in QANON

The first thing I noticed was the auspicious presence of “Q” in the pseudonym of Q-Anon. I had two immediate possibilities from my own knowledge base. It has been awhile and while reading much about QANON; and perhaps it is Captain Obvious, but, I have not seen anyone address this, so, I shall.

Q means two things to me. First, for those who have watched Star Trek: The New Generation, Q was an immortal being from the Continuum who interacts with humans in an arrogant, mischievous manner trying to enlighten humanity, while playing with them like a cat to a mouse.  One can browse though YouTube to find clips of Q in action. But here is an overview/explanation that was posted:

From the writtings of Q-Anon, it was very clear, early on, the personality traits of Q fit Q-Anon; or so Q-Anon desires to be seen like that. A smiling, arrogant, all-knowing, sage that will post in riddles rather than just speak plainly to us dumb neophytes. A member of the Deep State “Continuum,” and it doing us all a favor as he taunts us and gets us to run around in circles, jump through hoops & rabbit holes and read into his questions meaning.

The second Q reference was probably a reason the Star Trek charcter was named Q to begin with. It refers to what Bible Textual Scholars/Critics call the Missing Gospel from which the four canonical Gospels drew from in their contruction. The Book of Q.

Again it is the source behind what we see and is the alleged reality behind the reality that fits the arrogance of both the Character Q as well as Q-Anon.

I share Captain Picard’s frustration in dealing with the Q and their impish riddles with Q-Anon and it 50 questions, chase down the rabbit hole, riddle and hints rather than just saying it clear and clean, as what he says actually happens and confirmed by actions in the real world.










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