Bitcoin: What’s Its Real “Value?”

IMO what ultimately gives #Bitcoin it’s “value” is not the use of it (to buy stuff) but it’s used as a storage system separate from any currency instrument, yet universally accessible and transferable. Ultimately, it will rise to be used as backing/collateral for creating liquidity without it’s actually becoming liquid. Since there are a limited number of Bitcoins, the price would rise as the quadrillion of currency dollars will be transferred into the Bitcoin (storage system). It will stabilize as the major financial institutions take ownership out of the average joe’s hand and become the Banker’s “bank” so to speak. With this model. I see Bitcoin “price” rising hundreds of thousand(s) to million(s). The “Bankers” can move their “fake” dollars into “real” Bitcoins, so to speak, and survive the implosion of their fiat/fractional casino.

But I do not have an emotional stake in Bitcoin, Gold, Stocks, USD, etc and I can ponder possible outcomes without being constrained by bias or prior investments.