The 17th Anniversary of F2F RADIO

Today, Jan 5th marks the 17th anniversary of Feet to the Fire RADIO.

The Beginning

The Black Knight of Talk Radio 2003

I started webcasting via Feet to the Fire on Live365 Internet radio Sunday, Jan 5th, 2003, the first week after Art Bell retired. I was not happy with his replacement and said, “I can do better!” and started

For several years it was based on a traditional syndicated radio pattern of segments, breaks, and topical guests in the same vein as Art Bell. I was “picked up” by an international internet radio station Nekkid Radio which was utterly uncensored and allowed me to grow an audience without network rules or interference. There was a split in the management of that station. I moved with one of the factions to Radio Heart. It was here I started to get some of the Coast-2-Coast guests to appear on F2F Radio. I also scoured the Internet, finding and debuting new and exciting people that later went on to C2C as well.

The topical feel was examining anything (except the mundane, day to day stories, and politics found on “terrestrial” talk radio) without pre-drawn conclusions using the “Lack of Contradiction” as a guide in a search for finding Truth (Reality). No one could say anything without some backup, be it evidence or at least a logical framework without (many) contradictions, but I also sought new ways to look at old things.

Alex Merklinger

I attracted more listeners and notoriety after being interviewed on (the now deceased) Alex Merklinger‘s popular radio show, “Mysteries Of The Mind.” F2F RADIO became an unofficial weekend companion to his show, sharing many topics and listeners. (NOTE: I received an email from a listener, saying Alex is alive and is publishing a new book! I remember reading about his death!  I guess it is The Mandella Effect)

Radio Syndication

Lou Gentile

In the spring of 2004 (the also now deceased) Lou Gentile, host of the paranormal show, The Lou Gentile Show featuring EVP and hauntings among other topics asked me to join his new terrestrial radio syndicated paranormal nighttime lineup on the IBC Radio Network. It was Stock Talk Live in the daytime and paranormal shows on nights and weekends.

Invincible Studios 2004

After a year or so, I left the network. I started my internet radio productions system, IPS (InterPlanetary Streams) syndicating F2F to various internet radio stations who wished to carry it, most notably TogiNet Radio, Radio Heart, Radio Active, to name a few. I also created my internet station (innerSyreams Radio) which also produced shows for other hosts (Dr. Rita Louise’s Just Energy Radio, being the most known) using my in-house productions facilities,

The show started at 2 hours and grew to 4 hours with multiple recurring short segment guests along with a primary, 2-hour guest.

Enter F2F Video

First Video Productions

I started to produce F2F video shows with the guests during the live audio casts, with some special, extended 3-5 hours pre-recorded video presentations in 2012, which morphed into a shorted (1-2 hours) but consistent, concurring live audio casts and live YouTube casts.

F2F YouTube Videos

These days I am audio webcasting live via with videocasts via YouTube (and also archived on weekly from 1-2 hours, with some weeks missed due to conflicting personal events.

The Resistance To Objective Information and Commentary

In recent years, I have relaxed the marketing and syndicating efforts due to the realization that one must “pick a lane” and target audience and push, prod, and fumigate controversy to get “noticed.”

Banned on Facebook

While in the first 10 years or so, I thought one could produce a live cast with the sole intent of open-mindedly seeking Truth (Reality), I have realized it just is not realistically possible in an Internet Media drowning with thousands of productions. From a laptop with build-in cam/mic or iPads to lavishly, in studio-produced pieces, the consumer base is attracted (or corraled) into shows that support their own beliefs and wishes rather than risk challenging them. A bitterly divided, segregated world of echo chambers growing even worse in this Trump/Anti-Trump era, is not an environment for Feet to the Fire Radio/Video (a.k.a ME) to flourish.

What started as an exciting, no holds barred driven into exploring, challenging, and (re)discovering reality has collapsed into its antithesis, an I’m-right-and-everyone-else-is-wrong-or-crazy-or-a-troll-or-black-ops world of confusion. By design, no doubt by the Spirit of Confusion and Hate propaganda flooding It’s malignant energy via the various media formats whose purpose was to be a safeguard against this very thing.

I Will Push-Onradio audio video studio production F2F

As we enter 2020 and F2F Radio’s 18th year, I will continue to produce live and pre-recorded webcasts in both audio and, when appropriate, video formats as I am able, I receive no funding and seem to have less time these days with my work schedule.

Whether it be the increase oppression on Social Media outlets for objective commentary or being lost in the media fog, or being merely dull, the listener/viewer numbers have consistently been dropping. Still, many find F2F Radio a favorable balance and commentary to the subjective, bias, and myopic programs that are ubiquitous during this time, or so I am told.

My radio website links are banned from Facebook, and people who wish to see my posts there often do not. YouTube has lowered my videos in searches, and I risked being removed altogether for being “unmarketable.” It will take more effort by folks wishing to listen to my casts, but I am still here.

Thank you to all that have befriended me over the years. Thank you for the kind comments. I have learned MUCH in the presentation F2F Radio, which, I guess, is the real point of being alive.

James Arthur Jancik
The “Black Knight” of Talk Radio
Jan 5th, 2020

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