F2F Radio: The End of Days w/Dr. Joye Pugh

BitChute LINK Podcast LINK Joye Pugh is no stranger to F2F Radio. Here is a link to previous visits: https://feettothefireradio.com/f2f-radio-eschatology-dr-joye-pugh/ Tonight we will dig into her work on the Anti-Christ, The Beast and his mark, and the means of control Continue reading F2F Radio: The End of Days w/Dr. Joye Pugh

F2F Radio: Prognostication

Prognostication… from the Greek prognōstikos (“foretelling”) Audio Podcast LINK Things are so complexly intertwined, to quote Tolkien, “All foretelling is in vain.” Yet The Complexity Theory exists for guidance in navigating these very times I wish to lay out, more Continue reading F2F Radio: Prognostication

F2F Radio: Checking In

Audio Podcast LINK I’m checking in with a snapshot of where we are and our trajectory ahead… D’Gruve music Links Mentioned: https://youtu.be/jg7woUK7bXU?si=fudpkp07qciaLTxL https://youtu.be/BESMziKdINI?si=ZK-wAZgZTyjQQtE_ https://youtu.be/sVjFiXKu_lw?si=wqglbnrGX8yIEzTD You can always have access to everything Feet to the Fire Radio Audio & Video plus Articles Continue reading F2F Radio: Checking In

F2F Radio: Looking Forward with Momentum

  Audio Only Podcast – Rumble – BitChute A live recorded video. Inertia and momentum may be properties of moving mass in space-time, but they apply to current events. History provides direction, and the challenges, or the lack thereof, provide Continue reading F2F Radio: Looking Forward with Momentum

F2F-Radio: Dr. Richard Multiverse Miller

NOTE: the Video/Audio goes out of sync starting about 3/4 the way through the YouTube version. The GAB TV version had no such issues: https://tv.gab.com/channel/f2f/view/f2f-radio-dr-richard-multiverse-miller-6289b5826b2530a3c8c36dc8 Spreaker Audio-Only Podcast LINK Dr. Richard Alan Miller returned to F2F Radio in what was Continue reading F2F-Radio: Dr. Richard Multiverse Miller