F2F Radio: Checking In

Audio Podcast LINK I’m checking in with a snapshot of where we are and our trajectory ahead… D’Gruve music Links Mentioned: https://youtu.be/jg7woUK7bXU?si=fudpkp07qciaLTxL https://youtu.be/BESMziKdINI?si=ZK-wAZgZTyjQQtE_ https://youtu.be/sVjFiXKu_lw?si=wqglbnrGX8yIEzTD You can always have access to everything Feet to the Fire Radio Audio & Video plus Articles Continue reading F2F Radio: Checking In

F2F Radio: Looking Forward with Momentum

  Audio Only Podcast – Rumble – BitChute A live recorded video. Inertia and momentum may be properties of moving mass in space-time, but they apply to current events. History provides direction, and the challenges, or the lack thereof, provide Continue reading F2F Radio: Looking Forward with Momentum

F2F-Radio: Dr. Richard Multiverse Miller

NOTE: the Video/Audio goes out of sync starting about 3/4 the way through the YouTube version. The GAB TV version had no such issues: https://tv.gab.com/channel/f2f/view/f2f-radio-dr-richard-multiverse-miller-6289b5826b2530a3c8c36dc8 Spreaker Audio-Only Podcast LINK Dr. Richard Alan Miller returned to F2F Radio in what was Continue reading F2F-Radio: Dr. Richard Multiverse Miller