F2F Radio Archives: The 3rd Secret of Fatima

In 2005, I did a presentation on Feet to the Fire Radio on the 3rd Secret of Fatima with Robert C. Valentine; author of the definitive book on the topic, “Alert for the Times: Book of Secrets.”
I just received an email about a newly updated eVersion of this book. I will post the links to his new website and eBook, but first here are the links to our original show interviewing Robert on his book and featuring live interviews with Ed Dames who recalls in detail his remote viewing of The 3rd Secret of Fatima; plus David Booth who spoke with the last living witness (at the time) to the Fatima appearance of the Mother of Jesus, Sister Lucia, personally gave him a message he shared.
Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

On 7/26/15, Robert returned to F2F Radio and did an update on his work on the 3rd Secret of Fatima complete with SHOW OUTLINE and KEY POINTS (pdf)

Full Radio Show (MP3):

NEW for 2021: Robert’s updated website with info and offers for the updated book on Fatime can be found here:

Here is a link to his “Black Friday” sale of the new updated digital version of “Alert for the Times” on the 3rd secret of Fatima: