F2F Radio: What Is At Stake W/Mandated mRNA Vaxxes


What I think is hugely at stake with Mandated mRNA Vaccines.

I will attempt to explain the main points in my category rejection of any mandatory vaccine, ESPECIALLY the new, rushed, mRNA vaccines, to immunize from a coronavirus which itself has never had a successful vaccine made in decades.

I recommend this for someone to ponder the many ramifications both subtle and gross that may have \been ignored in other presentations. I will be presenting:

The Nature and Actions of Viruses
Our Immune System.
Treatment or Mitigating Medicines.
The Nature of Our Immune System.
The Purposes of Vaccines
The Statistics, Risks, and Need for a Mandated Vaccine
The Nature of mRNA Vaccines.
Your DNA is Your Unique “Serial Number” So to Speak.
The Ramifications of Patenting and Inserting Copyrighted Genetic Materials and Markers.
The Right to Own and Be your Natural DNA
The Punishments for Refusing Mandated Vaccines
Pandora’s Box of Mandated DNA Changes.

I will be working with an outline, but things may pop in from the Stream of Consciousness.

These points are poignant to all peoples. Theist, Atheist, or Agnostic. Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Gay, Straight, or Other. Rich, Poor, or indifferent. It is about Humanity.

All points have arrived through research and critical thinking. If I can, I will update with links to related materials.

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