F2F Radio: Speed Can Kill-The Race to Vaxx


I have been reading some articles about mRNA vaxxes. It seems the fear I have (outside the normal problems with standard vaxxes) of the permanent altering of human DNA by the vax is “unwarranted” as they are only using the parts of the virus RNA code to expose the cell to the virus’ protein which would trigger the body’s immune response without the reproduction mechanism (changing the DNA) nor the immunosuppression functions with the full virus RNA infection.

The DNA editing properties of a virus (as used in the GMO process) is not used; thus the claims of overwriting out DNA is incorrect,

The problem I have with merely accepting this is the past practices of pharma companies, which led, in many cases, with their full knowledge, to the sickness and death with SO MANY. The false, politically or monetarily guided narratives are driving us to these vaccines. The incorrect or entirely wrong responses in which the “expert” caused people’s financial, emotional, mental well-being, and death. The longstanding desire to oppress the masses for the pleasure of a few. The rise in politically motivated “science” (like Global Warming and many parts of dealing with COVID), which neglects to follow past science practices of open challenges and debate prevented by the powers that be.

I have lost most faith in the co-opted safeguards paid by the wolf to guard the henhouse so-to-speak.

I DO have faith in my immune system and using medicine to mitigate the side effects of that natural process. But much of those tools (used successfully in other countries) are being denied for apparently in treating COVID for it’s apparent threat TO the drive for a billion-dollar money-making vax.

I will talk about this and other problems I see with the speeding freight train heading to mandated vaxxes and the COVID excuse for forcing invasive, unconstitutional “contact tracing” (AKA the surveillance state) oppressive responses to disobeying the overlords.

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Important points by RFK, Jr in his debate with Alan Dershowitz
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Small pox – Polio helps by sanitation rather than \vaccine

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Safety testing realities

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Current problems with COVID vax testing

Ends: 39:05

crimes and legal liabilty

ends: 45:42


Clip ends 54:30

If it were safe and effective:

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What about manditory quarentine if refuse vax

Clip end: 1:02:19

Flue shot promote a higher rate of getting ill and COVID
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Last weeks show which has more info on a broader approach to the COVED/Vaxx topic

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