Feet to the Fire Special Report: Insure Your Cash From Coming Crash w/ETF

ETF: A special interview recorded earlier today, June 4th, 2017, with Lional Parkinson who share information that can insure your cash for very low cost.

Lional Parkinson returns to share a simple, inexpensive method to insure, or bet, against a market and bank crash which many say is coming. Certain ETF (Electronic Trading Funds) have been made to “bet” so to speak, against various markets. And with the markets VERY high (some say very artificially so) they are very cheap to purchase, and have a verifiable history of tremendous gain in the crash of 2008.

If the is growing prosperity, and the Trump Train solves all problems, not a biggy. At $18 a share, no big loss. But that same share was over $100,000 in the 2008 crash! So, you can see why Lional calls it “Insurance” for your cash.

Lional also reiterates that do to changes in the law, thanks to Dodd-Frank, when you put your money in Savings, it becomes an unsecured loan to the bank, and they can legally use (confiscate) it to shore up their losses. This ETF’s short vs long and those betting, all monies are in an escrow, so payoff is safe.

Watch the video for more info and examples of what Lional is suggesting.





Make sure you set the blow “graph” to MAX to see the long term action, back to the 2008 crash:





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