Feet to the Fire Radio LIVE for June 4th 2017 #FakeNews

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Several #FakeNews things tonight. CNN first beheads the president and then calls him a “Piece of Sh*t!” Then they are caught staging a “spontaneous” Muslim Protest. It appears CNN is actually the American Propaganda arm of ISIS. Also Poland getting slack from EU for not letting in refugees… and guess who is the only one NOT getting Terrorist attacks? Hmmm… The EU is pissed President Trump pulled out the US of the Paris Accord. I can see why. The US was slated to pay 1 Billion dollars… $zero for the others… China allowed to pollute freely for decades as the US kills coal… but… meanwhile, they still want our CO2 creating Natural Gas… MORE…

Plus commentary from Les Visible and a stand-lone special report on a way to protect your cash in a coming market crash with Lional Parkinson.

Feet to the Fire Special Report: Insure Your Cash From Coming Crash w/ETF

More links posted after the show.


CNN Journalist Who Ate Human Brains Calls @POTUS a “Piece of Sh*t!”


CNN Fake News:

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Terror Attacks Reactions

Paris Accord:


To Nancy Pelosi: “Um, I cannot speak for #God, but, I would venture a guess breaking up unborn children into pieces and selling the body parts would be worse “- @JAJancik


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Malcolm X on the “White Liberal”

Kathy Griffin:






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