CNN Journalist Who Ate Human Brains Calls @POTUS a “Piece of Sh*t!”


CNN Reporter Eats Human Brains and Insults POTUS
CNN Reporter who ate human brains, calls POTUS a “Piece of shit”

So we have a CNN personality imitating ISIS serious-faced posing with the graphically intense, beheaded President. Now we have a CNN reporter tweeting out the lawfully elected President of the United States as a “peace of shit,” and there are people left who say CNN is NOT a hostile, propagandist organ of the Extremist Left?

An individual, be it ignorant or extremist, can say, print, draw anything they want (barring actual violence), but, do you really think it is expectable for a so called unbiased, news organization to do so?

As a side note, the reporter did do a special CNN report on cannibalism in where is, on camera, actually ate a piece of human brain. And eating one’s own species can cause insanity (E.I. Mad Cow Disease from feeding cows their own guts to enhance the protein content). Perhaps he acquired Mad Human’s Disease. Perhaps he shared this lunch with others at CNN?

UPDATED: Here is an interesting video commentary by Lional Nation on this topic.

MORE: Now he advocates rape of a Congressman, HELLO CNN!?


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