Feet to the Fire Video/Audio Productions

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This page contains the Video and Audio productions and broadcasts of James Arthur Jancik of Feet to the Fire Radio/Video

Feet to the Fire Radio for March 12, 2017

James' open comments plus Dr Richard Alan Miller on his upcoming appearance at the Survival Expo also another video commentary by Les Visible. Audio-Only - MP3  or AAC+ A/V ...
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Feet to the Fire: Richard Alan Miller LIVE OPEN TALK w/Chat Questions

In the 2nd and 3rd hour of tonight's show. Everyone's favorite Physicist former Spook and Navy Seal, Naturalist, Survivalist, Herbalist, and an all around sharp guy, Dr RAM returns for an Open Talk and answers questions LIVE as we surf the waves in the Stream of the Consciousness created by ...
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Feet to the Fire Radio for March 5th, 20187

James will go over various points in the news though his spiritual, philosophical and logical analysis. We will have TWO separate YouTube links to watch, listen and participate. The First Link will be the first hour, starting at 7pm Cental and will feature me with comments on the latest events ...
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Feet to the Fire Radio for Feb 26th, 2016

Audio Only:  MP3  -  AAC+  TT: 1:24:26 Tonight we looked into the concept of perhaps the Mayan2012 thingy was off a few years? First time in memory, mass witches cursing the president??? Also talked about bout the disappearance of David Seaman and Benn Swann from the web after they talked ...
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Feet to the Fire Radio for Feb 19th, 2017

Audio Only:  MP3  -  AAC+ Working on fine tuning the new(er) F2F live format. Will stream live on YouTube the full broadcast, then, post to YouTube an edited version. Full audio will be posted to my website as usual. Nothing of importance cut out, just separating segments and the like ...
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Feet to the Fire Radio for Feb 12th 2017

Audio Only:  MP3 AAC+  TT: 1:40:57 Tonight I will use a bit of metaphysics along with observational logic to build a world view of current events within a MATRIX type of a physical universe. While all analogues to explain a reality we cannot fully comprehend, it has explained a ...
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Feet to the Fire Radio for Feb 5th 2017

Audio Only:  MP3  -  ACC+   TT: 1:42:15 Talk about the Political and Spiritual forces behind The Revealing (Apocalypse) that is happening before our Eyes. A/V ...
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Feet to the Fire Radio for Jan 15th 2017

Feet to the Fire Radio LIVEتم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Feet to the Fire Radio‎‏ في 15 يناير، 2017 Audio Only:  MP3   TT: 1:29:25 Topics will center on many of the happenings of the week, in advance of the Presidential Inauguration, which, has taken on a surreal feel. Also, a Les Visible ...
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foresee tides

Feet to the Fire Radio for Jan 8th 2017

Feet to the Fire Radio for Jan 8th, 2017 Audio Only:  MP3   -TT: 1:32:00 I will be talking about several items in the news that I may have some observational commentary on. Very disturbing stuff. But overall cannot help hoping for best with Trump. I get there is a "force" ...
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