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Did She Say “Full Metal Garb?”

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Did she say, “Full Metal Garb?” The descriptions will get less direct and verbose, in the light of curtailing availability based on undesirable topics by social media formats. But will have some VERY interesting news that I found today.

Also, earlier today I had a live webcast with guest Zeph Daniels. Lean more here:

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Teacher grazed by Parkland shooter’s bullet: ‘Shooter was in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting a rifle I never seen before’

"It's hard to live with, because I loved them so much." Hero teacher, grazed by a bullet at last week's Florida school shooting speaks out on the colleagues and students she lost: yhoo.it/2FjfE3D

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This was sent to me in an email. I have seen something like this earlier. Since most were in drama classes, one would…

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Dana Loesch Calls Out Mainstream Media: They Love Mass Shootings

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Consider this:

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I posted this as a comment on the Florida shooting, but thought, I should post as a stand alone post:

“That actual “news story” here is the system failed. MANY warnings/signs were not acted upon by authorities charged with executing existing laws. Failure of the guard to do his job and engage the shooter. The opportunistic use of the shooting for Neo-Bolshevik propagandists (A.K.A. The Legacy Media) whose job it WAS to fact find and report data. As in Sandy Hook, I predict this will actually drive guns sales up, as this failure sinks in. Private school with adequate protection protocols (which are actually followed) will grow as well as home schooling. The Neo-Bolshevik/Neo-Maoist means used to disarm and disable the public will be the catalyst of the exact opposite.”

This comment was left for me on my thread:

“You do not stop killings with more guns ….. you stop killings with destroying ALL guns and teaching children en people to start loving and caring for each other.”

I will add that I think this person is not a US citizen, and as such has no say in our laws and internal ways. They can remove all guns from citizens in their country if they wish.

Here was my response:

“As nice as this sounds, it is not realistic since this has never happened since the beginning of time. The whole of Earth’s history is measured by the strong oppressing the less strong, and the oppressed banding together to overthrow the oppressor. From animals to humans. Clubs to swords to guns. Who will ban the guns? Governments? They are the number one killers in history. Religions? They are probably the #2 killers. Aliens? If they exist, will they be any different?

“You are correct about teaching the children to love one another. Who will teach them? Single/divorced parents? The children start out life knowing their our own parents couldn’t love each other. The State? Religions? We already addressed that.

“The answer, as unpleasant as it may sound, is those of us who do love one another being able to protect one another from those who hate. Enforcing existing laws would have stopped many of these shootings (So much for the State protecting us). We do not need anymore.

I have and will help those I can when I can (money, time, information, etc). But when someone breaks into my home or shows up at school or the grocery store shooting/stabbing, I want someone superiorly prepared/armed to intervene. Be it a civilian or professional.”

Amazing 911 Missile Footage?

James McCanney’s WING Generator. HUGE Breakthrough:https://youtu.be/7ozm1CoXzCg


Whether you’re pro-gun control or anti-gun control, this is the truth. I don’t even like guns but I’m not a moron.

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