F2F Radio LIVE Interview with Zeph Daniel

F2F Radio LIVE Interview with Zeph Daniel

Live interview with Zeph Daniel (Feb 25th 2018)

Zeph was born into an elite family, and at an early age, became a failed victim of satanic ritual abuse and mind control. However, the programming failed because of the spirit within Zeph.

Later he became involved in writing for film and television in the horror field. He claims these were attempts to find out what happened, who he was, what went wrong. It took 25 years for the total defeat of the old person, the death of that fragment of tortured humanity, and his resurrection in the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ.

Zeph is a Musician, Composer, Writer, Pod-cast Commentator, that is, well, hard to pigeonhole. Speaking passionately from his heart and soul; you see, hear and feel what you get. Real, uncensored, raw and powerful. Unashamed to say he is saved by grace through Jesus Christ, yet, calls the Christin Church on the carpet for abandoning their “First Love.” Yet you will not get a high and mighty “preacher here. Just a Truth-seeker in love with God and Humanity.

You can find Zeph’s Audio work via Spreaker, SoundCloud and Podbean and his written commentary via his Facebook


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