US Election Day 2020 – My Ponderings

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Unless I have fallen into a Psy-Op, we stand in the vortex that, from this point on, the course of our world will be changed. One of those times that predictions are foolish as all vectors have frozen, waiting for the needed choice for anything to proceed/MANY serious choices will be made depending on not only who wins tonight, but by how much. Only then can each vector choose and move forward, constructing our future trajectory and our current reality.

Never-the-less, and not one missing a chance to play the fool, I will share what I think the various vectors are, what order they will need to choose, and possible combinations of our future may be. But, I am all too aware of this:

“The Lord nullifies the plan of nations; He frustrates the plans of peoples.” -Psalms 33:10 [NASB]

So what I am really excited to see is that God may have had planned for this time, if anything.

I have been invited to be on a rotating commentary panel on the US Presidential election night coverage of Aftermath FM. They will be switching to various media channels for coverage, and we will be popping on and off with comments and analysis. The coverage starts tonight, Nov 3rd, at 8 pm Central USA time.

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