Trump Campaign Sues CNN, Cites Lanham Act

A fascinating approach using The Lanham Act by Trump Campaign lawyers in their lawsuit against CNN. They are suing CNN for misrepresenting their mission statement used for promoting itself to the potential/current watchers and selling adverts. CNN boasts they are “Unbias” and “Seeks Truth” in their slogans, but words from their employees and even its CEO prove otherwise. A rather interesting approach and seems to have a legal footing.

To me, ironically, it is analogous to the lawsuits against the WWF for being “fake sports.”

The Lanham Act says:

The Lanham (Trademark) Act (Pub.L. 79–489, 60 Stat. 427, enacted July 5, 1946, codified at 15 USC § 1051 et seq. (15 USC ch. 22)) is the primary federal trademark statute of law in the United States. The Act prohibits a number of activities, including trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and ->FALSE ADVERTISING<-.

These taglines come to mind:

“The most trusted name in news.”
“Facts first.”

It will be a LANDMARK case if adjudicated and won by Trump’s Campain and FORCE news to be more accurate, honest, and less bias. This ruling would not affect the political pundit shows, but they would have to drop the unbias pretense.

According to analysis aired on OANN, what has to be proved (my summary words):

1)- Harm was done with the fake news
2)- they intentionally planned the fake news.

In my opinion, this is very provable, mainly thanks to Project Veritas’ hidden videos filming CNN employees and Zucker himself (via conference calls).

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