The Future as of Today, Nov 15th, 2020

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Something dawned on me when pondering the #election #fraud #software claims. There were two tiers of fraud. One planned and on an emergency ad-hoc rush.

It seems to me, they had pre-planned the fraud via mail-in ballots and tweaking of key states voting software based on their projected “needed” votes to country Trump. On election night, it became evident Trump was receiving WAY more votes than they planned for and had to “shut down” things to give time to mark and add to the mailing ballots. Perhaps also quickly re-program the machine.

Both of the latter actions were hurried and sloppy, leaving a blinking light of sorts to mark their intervention. If it wasn’t for the huge unlooked-for votes for Trump, the former could of went unnoticed.

This means both Trump’s crash rallies and the determination of the many Trump voters (both original from 2016, and the recruited in the past 4 years) and the blind power-lust/addiction or the fear of being exposed in Trump’s swamp-draining driving them to act recklessly worked together to expose the attempt to overthrow the US government though elaborate voter fraud.

The MSM & Big Tech, obvious accomplices, are desperately running cover/distraction, while the main political players simply wait, somewhat helpless to see if Trump/Guliani/Powell can effectively and legally expose them, overturning (or perhaps a re-do of) the 2020 Election.

Also, it is reasonable to assume programming plans were made for House and Senate seats, which, may also come out in their case.

To add to the drama here seems the two options plus a third:

1)- Trump’s contesting of the Election wins proving massive multi-level fraud, and gains a second term. This may also turn the House, keeping the Senate, as the fraud is uncovered. This will unleash the Anti-Kraken of BLM & ANTIFA as the war gets Hot and become America’s “insurgents.” Trump brings in new people to end foreign wars, corruption is rooted out and jailed, and the medical tyranny is ended. The Wall is finished and immigration reforms passed. Americans win, China loses.

2)- Trump loses the fraud case and the Senate run-offs, leaving a President, Senate, and House full-blown Socialists to add states, & SCOTUS judges sealing their power for the foreseeable future. The Trumps Supporters will be marked, shunned, or perhaps rounded up and The Patriots will fight back, becoming the new American “insurgents.” The medical tyranny expands. The Wall is torn down, mass immigration, and amnesty. Americans lose, China wins.

There is a 3rd, more probable lackluster tumultuous mix of the above; NONE leading to any “unity” or “peace.”

A collapse of the World Money System (a.k.a. as the Great Reset) will appear with 2 and 3 for sure, and 1, if changes/plans are not made to deal with the overwhelming debt/fiat currency.

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