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Food Supply Chain Warnings & Solutions


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Guest John (J.C.) Cole, who is part owner and director of sustainable farm development. J.C. has positive solutions for food supply chain problems vividly highlighted by the recent shutdowns and interrupts by the government’s reaction to the virus.

J.C.’s bio/resume is quite rich with experience in today’s troubles being in western Europe thought it’s currency and supply problems during the former Soviet states re-configuring after it’s the collapse

Kissinger once said, “Control the oil and you control countries. Control the food, and you control the people.” Fortunately, the logistics and vulnerabilities of a small number of large corporate farming thousands of miles distant are solved by regional farming.

The key to the success of regional farming is to attract investors by making them quick to construct and scale with tax incentives

Enter John Cole

“If the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that supply chains essential to life in America should not be outsourced or extensively complex and long.”

A list of things several of which WILL happen:

1) EMP – Solar.
2) EMP – Nuclear.
3) EMP – Tesla Technology.
4) Electric Grid Attack
5) Cyber Attack
6) WW III.
7) Credit Collapse.
8) Pandemic.
9) El Hierro.
10) New Madrid Earthquake.
11) Satellite Shut Down.
12) Solar Minimum.
13) Civil War.

John Cole’s BIO


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