F2F Radio- As the Virus Fades, Cue the Violence

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As the COVID-19 fear begins to subside, Blue State Governors lose their small business crushing grip, and things start to reopen across the country, Plan B has to kick in to keep and expand fear while continuing to hurt the economy. Cue the violence and let the riots begin!

Like the beating of Rodney King before him, the death of George Floyd is the cover story for a wave of thuggery and thievery. But this goes further. The COVID-19 (over) reaction let to 30+ million unemployed, thousands of businesses crushed, and people cowering in there homes for two months. While it was effective in the blistering attack in the USA by the Neo-Maoists, it wasn’t long enough.

Enter the poised ANTIFA, Neo-Maoist, and Extreme Leftist to appropriate the #MSM fueled outrage over police brutality death and release violence expanding the post-COVID fear and escalate the Hot War to draw blood as it burns down businesses. The Blue State Governors and Blue City Mayors figuratively fiddle while their cities burn. They are either pathetically incompetent or gravely complicit in this latest chapter in Mao’s Culture Revolution, American Style.

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