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Update May 29th, 2022. This video was removed by YouTube for disagreeing (banned “Medical Misinformation” with the WHO. Here is the BitChute version:

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Understanding Reality is accomplished with our knowledge of the sciences and history but limited or filtered by our perceptions and personal experiences.

Some work hard, seek answers, and question everything looking for contradictions and re-examine positions until the contradictions fade. They examine others’ work, looking for clues, clarification, or inspiration for their searches.

Others choose someone else’s work and accept their conclusions and avoid the work. And others are like rats in mazes letting others choose their realit\y for them. Most are probably some mixture of all of these above.

For my own part, I wish to have a working knowledge of the Reality, its hows, and whys, even if it is a limitate analog of the full understand due to my limits. This way, as gathering more info, the picture becomes more apparent than degraded, requiring fiction (or arbitrary absolutes) to keep it viable.

Some rush ahead after perceiving a picture, filling in the blank spots or drawing appendages, and realizing it couldn’t work if they used critical thought. It “feel right,” or it fits their paradigm, is their basis, and it crumbles under the weight of Reality.

After long observation (which gives the benefit of a picturesque view of things), several revisions, and reality checks, I have put together my take on our times. I am not selling nor proselytizing, just sharing.

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