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Entropy – [ˈentrəpē] – noun
2) lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

God called out of the VOID The Universe. Its existence is “maintained” by God hold back, as it were, the forces of Entropy. That is, the VOID’s natural effect is to break down all things to its purest energy state, Null.
As Entropy progresses, the creations within the VOID are subject to irresistible forces of decay. Only God’s intervention keeps those forces at bay, progressing at a Glalacic snail’s pace.
We have entered the Time of Revelation of what is real (resistant top Entropy) and the Final Time of Repentance; The Choice to change and make a stand. I submit we may be seeing the withdrawal of God’s Spirit of Intervention to allow Natual Entropy of The Void, which separates God’s Reality from Man’s Delusion.

The Opening song is my own creation “Oh, Ancient One” remixed and drums added by Zeph Daniels


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