Nice Redaction-Blending of Ancient History Narratives (Enki)

(I originally posted this comment and link on Facebook, Dec 2016 and wanted to move it here for preservation.)

Good job. I like the blending (redacting) of the stories into a general narration. This has been done through all time in many ancient myths. My observation is all of these redacted narration’s are looked at by their contemporaries as a true account.

Just because “Sumer” was the “first” written account, why does that have to be accurate and eyewitness? Most writings claim to be eyewitness accounts (presume it is to boost credibility). They could be passing along a long told oral tradition, but were the first to have the technology to write it down, and does not mean it is accurate.

Also, ALL stories can be fiction, but, as in Aesop’s Fables, convey Truth. In a post-Gutenberg world, we presume the earliest is the best and miscopies to the earliest are the least.

I would submit the possibility that these Hero accounts can reoccur with different people if, A)- The struggle is ongoing and B)- the method is traditional. Our pattern recognition tends to see, and embellish/customize ti fit the current needs. Familiar things are easier to accept (sell/impose).

Thus the story is retold again and again.

However, the principles are true. And one can attempt to construct a narrative on the common principles that is not tied to the actual actors. Whether it is Ancient Aliens (External Physical), Spiritual (inter-dimensional) or Evolutional (internal physical) or (most likely) a combination, the problem and answer seems the same. It is Cooperation (Love) or Domination (Hate) and the justification of the choice.

With all of the above being said/read, it would seem to me, the political struggle in the mid-east are a continuation of the Sumer Saga. Iraq (Babylon), Syria (Assyria, Iran). Thus US (pre-Trump, anyway) has a stake, and has chosen Ba-EL, Molach, Marduk side of the Ancient Argument. Or in NEO-CON “Christian” perspective, perhaps they are just trying to “force” the return of Jesus, much like Judas was alleged to do.



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