I’ve Been Ill… (No Broadcast Tonight July 23rd)

I have been pretty ill. Better now. I believe it was poisoning of a sorts with consuming erythritol and xylitol. Of course, as I was getting worse, I had no clue it was those alcohol sugars… so.. I drank more! The symptoms listed are general diarrhea and irritated bowls; the former I never has, and the latter just started yesterday.
Hard to describe how I felt. It was unique to my experience. Debilitatingly tired and weak. Skin felt hot. Body pain, but it was diffuse; like a cloud surrounding me, and not in any actual place.
Lucinda suggested it was the BAI drinks I were drinking while following the “Fat for Fuel” program. I was doing well for 2 weeks when this hit.
It also may of been a “perfect storm” so to speak. I was got up at 2am three days in a row, while not being able to sleep earlier the nights before (run down). But that cannot explain the symptoms and the utter disgust I had for food (perhaps body’s crude protection mechanism against poisoning).
After a couple days of sleeping, drinking water and things like Vit C and NAC, I feel a bit better. The weird fog is gone, but walking from the house to the garage studio was work lol. Seeing the Doctor tomorrow.
I write this to let those who read or listen to my stuff why I will not be doing a Broadcast tonight. I had much to say on Bitcoin possible changes on August 1st. To put it into once sentance I am not going with the Software upgrade would might create possible split into a second “fork”. Possible desaster. The New Upgrades are to make it easyer for “day trading” Bitcoins, which, it against the whole point. Buy and hold.

If I can record something later, I will post it.

Also, I write this for other people using erythritol and xylitol products to have caution. Why they are found in nature, they are NOT natural, and pumping your body with stuff it cannot digest may not be a wise idea.