Healthcare – A Universal Heart/Head Problem

I have no problem with Universal Healthcare, but, these things have to happen first (or at least concurrently):
1)- Responsible use of Healthcare. Right now for those paying for it, it is expensive to abuse medical healthcare insurance. In fact, the costs deter use so well, many do not get early care, thus, costing more in the long run. And others ho need not, or cannot pay are free to use the high cost of urgent or emergency care in place of primary and preventive care.
2)- Healthcare care must be open to ALL possibilities of cause/treatment/cure. Natural (non-patentable) treatment is shunned and may be the best real prevention/treatment before severe accutness. Political and Fraternal (AMA, FDA, etc) bias must be ended and the best/high good sought.
3)- Healthcare costs (charge as much as you can get) must be curbed. Near impossible without morality and purpose. Doctors, Pharma, Insurances, etc, are into it purely for wealth rather wealth rather then compensation for purpose. It seems success is not measured by the results of well being for the patient. It is measured by profit.
4)- Healthcare waste & corruption must be ended. Government control has spawned the $500 toilet seat and $1000 hammer. Abuse both within and without of the Government with insider deals, over-charging, incompetence and inefficiency adds billions to what would be the real cost.
Obamacare, whatever else and politics aside, exacerbated these manyfold. The solutions have done VERY little to help.
Like ALL our problems today, it is a matter of the Head/Heart problem, mass ignorance and manipulation by the despicable.
James Arthur Jancik
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