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Why I Do Not Eat Meat

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I have not pushed, preached or attempted to assert my views as positions to be emulated, but, I have been asked from time to time why I do not eat meat. Tonight I will share my reasons.

As with many of my positions within our dualistically constructed space/time reality, my reasons to not follow any one line of thought, but, is a result of philosophical and spiritual principles playing out in our reality using the Lack of Contradiction and observation to form them into shape.

Below are the crude notes I wrote up to keep me on track and will give you some idea of what I will talk about:

The Genesis 1 version of man’s creation vs the Genesis 2 version of man’s creation and role.

Effects of killing for food

Jeremiah 22:17 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
17 But your eyes and your heart
Are intent only upon your own dishonest gain,
And on shedding innocent blood
And on practicing oppression and extortion.

1)- The taking of another fruit of their labor (Parasite, predator)
2)- The spilling of innocent blood
3)- Oppression, subjugation, “domestication” future generations (DNA)
4)- Blood sacrifices have spiritual and physical effects

Real Role of Humans on Earth.

1) To be “God with Skin on” a 3d, Space-Time being of conscious matter that allows the principles from God (outside space/time/mater) to manifest in space-time.
2)- Using intelligence, wealth, skills to help others for ther gain, or the gain of all involved (as opposed to using others for your gain, regardless of the cost or effect on others)
3)- Balancing/compensating the effects of Space/time/3d life
4)- Advancing others in their God-designed path with their talents and expand the level of consciousness

Some Ideas on Animal, plant and perhaps even mineral consciousness

God intimately experiences this space/time/3d world through his creations to the limit of :
1)- Their abilities and level of consciousness
2)- to the limit his creations allow him (Free will, no oppression)

How did we go from a plant-eating to a meat-eating food?

Veganism vs Vegetarianism

Things to remember nutritionally, Soy and other pitfalls

Partnering with nature in a win-win arrangement using our Mind, Body and God-Breathed inspiration

New Agey veganism is a distraction/diversion/corruption of the real way.

How the “Elite” justifies their own oppression, domestication and either parasitically or predaciously steal our energy and talents.

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