F2F Radio LIVE for 04/08/18 – Crashed MayDay

My main computer for broadcasting CRASHED right before the live show. Chiming in here off the laptop for a bit.

My Post of Facebook that inspired what I talked about:

(To me) This a very disturbing video. Not it or what proclaims. I would LOVE IT TO BE TRUE. It is disturbing because it appear to me… it feels to me… to be delusion clashing with reality, and though the reality does not mesh with the delusion, the delusion is creating its own reality rather than face it.

In the video the speaker claims the “Storm” has won. The indictments are unsealed and within days, the Cabal will be round it. The “war is over” The “Believers” will be “vindicated”.

What is this all about? It is about the Q-Annon stuff, and he opened champagne to celebrate the final victory.

Of course there is not any corroborating evidence in the real world which I reside. The “evidence” given is not tied to real events, but general statements and “I can’t say any more now”. Convenient.

It is full of an ego based rant of all the “work” “we did” in this battle. What “work?” If this really happens the real “work” was done by law enforcement people working against the Cabal and their minions. “Belief” is irrelevant.

If this is true as stated in the video then in a matter of days to a week or two, all will be public. I will give it until May 1st. May Day will be fitting. If these things to not come true I will erase everyone uttering the validity of Q from my sight (Edited: referring to Facebook).

I have had it with the mind games playing with hope for the criminal to be stopped and the plans of evil to be thwarted. It is sick. For me, “belief” is not an excuse nor a reason.

Like the preachers over the years predicting Christ’s return, and nought only to continue their preaching.

Planet X people STILL believe even though EVERY proponent have failed to answer my questions on my show, until they refused to come on the air anymore.

All the video speaker has done if ruined the repeact I heald for his work on child trafficking by swallowing hook line and sinker the Q-Annon crap.

REMEMBER THE FIRST OF MAY. Someone will die. The Cabal’s Rule or the Q-Annon Myth.

Seaman’s Video: https://youtu.be/pe-ng95yuek

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