F2F Radio – 181202 – The Truth About Seeking Truth

“You can’t handle the truth” yells out Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men.” But that is not true these days. People do not seek the truth, let alone handle it.

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Handling is irrelevant. People often do not seek truth even as they seek it. They are often even avoiding it as they seek it. People have a built-in warning system if they really hear or even approach it if the truth conflicts with what they really seek. In fact, the body itself has a biochemical “reward” system to keep you from entertaining the possibility of one’s worldview; their paradigm, from being “threatened” by the truth.

In fact, many Truthseekers are actually working hard to NOT find the truth, as many teachers, teach so they do not have to do. They hid from the truth by seeking information that helps them construct an untruth and back it up with evidence, real or imagined, to keep from the truth.

Let us change the word from “truth” to “Reality.” It is more accurate. It is more “truthful.”

Reality is too boring, too scary, too Bourgeoisie, too racist, too apolitical, too un-religious, too unfriendly, too blunt, too cruel, too unbias… too fair…, too rigid, too uncooperative, too incorruptible, too disruptive to our desired outcome, too… real….

So we seek it so we can say we are awake, we are not fooled, we are not manipulated, we are smart, clever, wise and to be commended. But, when found, and we do not like the implications in our worldview, it is rejected, explained away, hidden and feared. Those who present it are berated, attacked, abused, punished, outcast, even killed… depending on how threatened we are by the reality they uncover.

You might be reading this and say, “Yes, them over there do that… how true.” But the reality is we ALL do it. At best, unconsciously. At worst, intentionally.

Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” I would add, “The more we know, the more we should know, the less we really know.”

I would add “Those who claim the loudest they are awake, are the furthest asleep.”

One can point to the Extreme Left and the lies and beliefs they project in the name of truth. I would agree. But they are not alone in the right/left paradigm. Those “arrests” will happen any day now… really…

I will talk about the changes I am making in view of this realization long overdue in my life and in Feet to the Fire: The search for Truth though Non-Contradiction. It works, but, you may not expect or like what you find.

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