F2F Radio- The American Extreme Left & Trump: A Nazi Inversion

inversionF2F Radio for 4/28/19

The American Extreme Left and Trump:
The Nazi Inversion

Preparing for a F2F Radio broadcast, live, at 7pm Central. Had a big AH-HA moment this week, I wanna talk about out and lay it out rather than write a few sentences. After reading Hitler’s “Mien Kampf,” D’Souzas’ “Death of a Nation” & “The Big Lie,” and Bill O’Riely’s “Killing the SS,” Lectures by David Irving and several documentaries, I had a precipitating moment of crystallization and understanding.

There were contradictions in D’Souza calling the Left Nazis… and the Left calling Trump Fascist. With some changing of the “puzzle”, it all makes pure sense. I will share my discoveries…. The American Extreme Left and Trump: A Nazi Inversion.

Speaker Podcasthttps://www.spreaker.com/user/jancik/f2f-radio-xtreme-left-trump-a-nazi-inver

Opening Bumper Song: “This Reality” by Ann McWilliams
Ending Bumper Song: “I Wander” – Ann McWilliams

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