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I’m James Arthur Jancik, the “Black Knight” of Talk Radio, or so was my tag-line back in the day. I am the host of Feet to the Fire. A weekly audio broadcast that started Jan 5th 2003, and can be heard live Sunday nights varying from 1 to 4 hours in length, and, as of recording, is in its 16th year.

These days I broadcast live HD Video and live Audio podcasts. All archived and free to listen, view and share. My website is FeetToTheFireRadio.com. There you will find links to my oldest surviving shows in 2003 up to to the present. Scrolling below you can see other methods of communication. All this info is on my website.

The purpose of creating Feet to the Fire Radio was to examine topics without paradigm bias and use the “Lack of Contradiction” to find the realities of our world. Nothing off limits, but all done with respect (i.e. no sarcasm or berating adjacent views) with the sole goal of finding the truth of things. Reality is very, real, and crossing it can have dire effects.

I found many shows to start from a fixed point of view and seek to filter through “evidence” accepting things that “fit in” and rhetorically rejecting or simply ignoring things that contradict. I find the “contradictions” are the most important things to an investigation, as they hold the key to adjusting one’s paradigm or world view to be a more accurate guide to discovering Reality.

All have conscious or unconscious bias. But, knowing this is the first step to finding Reality. Using the blind scales of Contradiction to see the lack thereof in our investigation will let reality be our guide.

This has been the guiding light to all things as the quantified to the abstract can be address using this method to obtain a more usable road map to this Reality and avoid the pitfalls of inaccuracies, propaganda, manipulation and superstition.

The attached video (or audio) is a bit of history about this radio/video broadcast and my motivation, drive and quest for Dis-Covering Reality.

James Arthur Jancik

Feet to the Fire Radio (2003 – 2018+)

September 3rd 2018

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